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4 Minutes Later Sends A Message In "Troubled"

I have to say I’m glad this is what pop has finally come to. It takes the best sheen leftover from the 80s and repackages it in an eco-friendly mindset with vaguely prosperous enthusiasm. There’s this synthetic warmth, a trendy approach to music with broad appeal. The drums come in and it’s super in your face, but still well-balanced like a cappuccino with a cute design. As we move from lyrics crying, “I’m surrounded and I can’t move” to, “I know I’m troubled,” we have an admission of the struggle. But there’s a redemptive quality to the song, reaching towards Ariana, via mall music briskness.

We’re super Weeknd-esque on the pre-chorus, though a little less so on the refrain.

It seems there some hidden Rise Against in there somewhere, although it’s muted by exceptional production. I want to listen to this after a workout that almost defeated me. We want to listen to this after we give all our money to the bank to cover a debt so we can start fresh. We want to listen to this after a fight with a loved one, when we finally can admit our mistakes to ourselves.

Listen to "Troubled" here, and learn more about 4 Minutes Later in our interview below!

Hey guys! Can you tell us a bit about 4 Minutes Later!

The whole purpose of 4 Minutes Later is to show the power of togetherness, to show what can be accomplished when people band together. The music industry is so focused on image and popularity it has become less about the music which to us makes no sense. 4ML wants to let the music speak for it self and make the music we love, not being bound to one specific genre. It has only been a year since we first conceptualized 4ML and we are about to release our third single to the world's best fans, we have worked with incredible song writers and producers and we are only getting started. 4ML is not just a band it is the fans that support us, one big family. 4ML is whatever you need it to be whenever you need it.

What is your favorite time to listen to this song?

It's a song best suited to sadness. We like to listen to "Troubled" when we are sad or going through a difficult time. It reminds us we are not alone and that we are all in this together. The bridge is a very powerful moment, there is no real words being sung but it is a come together moment and it really shows the power of music. 

What's it like to trend on Twitter in multiple countries?

It's a pretty crazy feeling... A pipe dream going global there really isn't words for something like that other than surreal. We have the #laters to thank for that! The ones who right from the beginning hyped us up shared our content and just connected with us. We love connecting and talking with our fans it is what makes this crazy ride worthwhile. We really cant thank our fans enough for all they do!

What does success mean to you?

Success means something different to everyone, in our minds we have already been so successful but that doesn't mean we will settle. We are going to continue to push to be more and more successful. The reason we love music so much is the ability to connect with people, music is the most universal form of communication in the world and that is incredible. Music can be an escape for some people, bring back memories for others or make good times better. To be able to create music that can make people feel any of those emotions is an outlet for us to express ourselves and connect with people! That is why it is important for us to make music we want to make, without being tied to a style or genre. It's almost like here it is, here is music we made, it captured how we were feeling in a certain moment. We are making music that we love and is genuine, something that may not be possible sticking to the traditional formats of genre and not because we want to but because we have to its in our blood. It stems from our experiences and our life, if it isn't genuine it isn't worth doing. That's why there is such a difference from This is London to CYFMB to Troubled. So I guess success means doing what we love for no one else but ourselves and yet getting to share that with as many people and connect it with as many people as possible.

What do you guys think of the vegan lifestyle, honestly?

Honestly we think it is great! Although none of us are vegan (yet) we do have a member who is vegetarian and we also have family members who are vegan. We think the important thing is that if you know someone who is vegan you support them. Whether their choice for being vegan is due to their own personal health, the better treatment of animals, to lessen the impact humans have on the environment or any combination of those their decision is coming from a place of good intentions and for the betterment of their own lives and the ones around them. How can we as people not be more supportive of something so positive and powerful like that!? We are not saying being Vegan or vegetarian is for everyone and would never try to push our views on someone,the important part is being supportive of one another as humans and a drive to be better!

What's this song really about?

Troubled is a really personal song for us and what it is about is not nearly as important as what it means to the listener. It's meant to be a song for fighters, someone who is going through something difficult, to let them know they are not alone. We chose to really connect this song with mental health and the importance of ending the stigma that surrounds talking about mental health, however it could be a break up, a break down, an abusive relationship, absolutely anything. The important thing is we are all humans we all go through difficult things there is no need to go through it alone we need to look out for one another more genuinely.

What's next for you through 2019?

Well we don't know for sure but we just buckled our seat belts and you should buckle yours because we know whatever is in store it is going to be an absolutely wild ride, and we can't wait to share more of what we have been working on.


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