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408 Releases Their Incredibly Relatable Music Video For Their Single "Dropout"

Coming in hot from Orlando, FL, the alt-rock 4-piece 408 drops a conceptual and lively music video for their latest single "Dropout." Merging pop, punk, and alt-rock, 408 powers through their tracks with the musical stylings by Mark Faroudi (lead vocals/bass), Jake Cerretani (drums/vocals), Jon Jordan (guitar/vocals) and Steve Parsons (guitar/vocals)With their latest music video for "Dropout," 408 mentioned that the song was written/recorded during the beginning of the pandemic. A song about trying to get through everything, from college to Covid-19, and their music video gives you that slice of optimism to look at the bright side.

They start off their music video for "Dropout" with playful and relatable scenes of wanting to burn your schoolbooks when realizing that you have to retake the course. This group is alive, full of power, energy, and a force to keep trying when times get tough. The video is full of unlucky scenes from parking tickets to relationship issues, reinforcing the theme of working through hardships. 408 gives a high energy performance throughout the video, giving us a glimpse of what to expect during their live shows. An exhilarating music video by 408, "Dropout," reminds us to keep calm and carry on.

Watch "Dropout" here.

Hey 408, welcome to BuzzMusic! We're heavily relating to every scene within your music video for "Dropout." Where did the ideas come from for each scene within the music video?

Thank you very much. We just all pulled from our real-life experiences through school and life. Mark, our singer, and bassist went through tough times in college with studying for exams, that is why we had the book on fire. Sometimes you try your best, and you still fail. Steven, our guitarist showed the frustrations of getting a parking ticket at the worst times possible. Jon, our guitarist showed times in college where you would get caught down the rabbit hole looking at conspiracy theories instead of working on what you should be. Jake, our drummer portrayed getting in-trouble with a girlfriend over a message sent. All these are real-life things that happen to us and everyone in the world.

Within your music video "Dropout," 408 gives off this exhilarating performance full of energy. Were you guys given any sort of direction at the shoot, or was it purely from 408?

Thank you again. Honestly, we were holding back a lot of what we normally show and express in a music video. We always really feel and act out the emotion of each song we perform and or write. Music is emotionally driven and so is 408. 

You've mentioned that your song "Dropout" is very reflective of the past and how life used to be. Why did you choose to write a song that highlights the past in all its glory?

I think due to the pandemic at hand, we were really somber and missing older times of freedom and fun as well as acknowledging past struggles and trying your very best at life itself. It's a nostalgic mixing pot of emotion with the tail end of the song stating, we are sick of feeling like our actions are never enough, and we will continue to try our best. 

The sound within your single "Dropout" is a perfect blend of alternative and punk. Should we anticipate the same kind of sound from your future releases, or might they be more experimental?

Thank you. Yes, I think you will see a good balance of the same when we go back into the studio in August. We are also trying some new things here and there, but you will still see a very strong showing from our roots. 

What's next for you?

We are writing and going into the studio with Andrew Wade in August to write a new batch of material that we plan to release this year! When touring gets back to normal, we will be planning one of those as well. 



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