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5 Questions: Mic Rocca

Welcome to Buzzmusic Mic Rocca! Talk to us about your background and upbringing. How did you find your love for music? Were you ever inspired by your environment?

No problem, thanks for having me. I found my love for music through listening to my parents play oldies back in the day. Also, in the 6th grade I developed a love for writing poetry then that transpired into writing rhymes. My environment inspires me day to day, were I come from it’s good and bad. If you not hustling or working towards something you feel empty inside. My environment is motivation to do what I do, go out there and prosper.

Your single "Peace" is a Powerful offering. Considering this single hints on the topic of Gun Violence in America, What prompted you to create this record?

Honestly, I wrote this record a few hours before getting to the studio, with Nipsey Hussle in mind. The lost of Nip was a lot bigger than I think we all expected, so the first thing that came to mind was “Stop killing”, that goes for whoever, gang members, law enforcement, normal citizens, everybody just stop. 

How challenging was it for you to go for an impactful approach as you did on "Peace"?

It was very challenging, figuring out a way to get a message through that says, “I don’t condone violence”...”but I will defend myself if I have to” it’s a two sided message, but I feel most people kill because they fear something. That’s definitely not a reason to take someone’s life, because none of us is God, we don’t know the significance of each ones presence or the work that is set for them on this earth. 

What do you hope your listener gain from listening to "Peace"? What's the main message you'd like delivered?

What I want someone to gain from Peace , is exactly that. Peace. With all the mass killings going on, I felt to release this song immediately, on soundcloud free of charge, so the masses can hear, Peace. Maybe if someone hear it from someone they are influenced by they’ll take a different approach when it comes to a confrontation with another person.

Your future is seemingly bright. What can we expect next from Mic Rocca?

Next up I’ll be releasing a bunch of new singles and visuals. Look out for my album “The Rocca Cycle” Volume 4.


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