5 Questions With Crown La'trell

Hi Crown La'trell and welcome to BuzzMusic. You've definitely come a long way from recording in your room to professional studios. Can you tell us how your musical career continues to gain speed and success?

Hey BuzzMusic. To keep my answer simple and concise, I'd say I have been growing a larger global fanbase that continues to support me as I grow in my career. And it really motivates me to continuously enhance the quality of the music and content I put out. I strive to always release the best content I know my supporters want to hear. My appreciation of quality is what solidifies the audience that I feel really wants to grow with me throughout my journey.

How does "Vampire" compare to your previous works of "B4 The Fame" and "Floor 13"?

The great part about Vampire is that it doesn't compare. Vampire is a new sound I'm bringing to my catalog. It's Consistent in terms of having a scary and/or dark feel. But the sound and the energy are an extension of my growth. Going from slow to mid-tempo, and now up-tempo songs show the growth from my previous works.

"Vampire" has a unique spooky, menacing and bouncy sound. What was the inspiration for this track?

The inspiration for this song was being in a new environment. Moving outside of my home city to a new location where everything is very slow-paced and empty, is what led to the sound of the song. The song is dark, spooky, menacing and alluring. And so is the new location I reside in. There's nothing out here compared to living in the city. The only things you have living an hour outside Toronto are your thoughts and some open land. Those thoughts sometimes become dark, spooky and menacing which creates a record like Vampire.


Can you explain why "Vampire" is the perfect addition to our winter playlists?

Vampire is the excitement in your winter playlist. But will still give the listener the same cold and somber feeling associated with colder days.


Thanks for chatting with us at BuzzMusic. Can you explain what you mean when you refer to your music as a "sinister collection"?

No problem is was my pleasure. My music is based around having an ominous and suspenseful vibe.