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5 Questions With Dallas

You’re from Oak Park, MI - how has being from here influenced your music?

My city had no effect on my music because I stopped being involved with its activities many years ago.

What was growing up/ your childhood like and how did this lead you to make music?

My childhood was very pleasant, to say the least. I was fortunate and blessed enough to have two parents that although didn't live with each other, their relationship naturally was amicable gave me little to no tension or confusion while I was growing up. They also fortunately made a decent living and I was an only child for most of my life so I got everything I wanted and that's something I still appreciate this day. I never got bullied or anything like that so that also played a part in having my childhood enjoyable.

How old were you when you realized music was your calling?

I was 18 and it was after I recorded my first song Nightly Thoughts. I realized there they could be people out there that could not only relate to what I was saying but like the music as well. So I decided to take any and all of the things that I've ever dealt with and put it into music and I ended up really liking it.

What is something unique that you are trying to bring to the Rap game and how do you think you will stand out?

I would like to bring a unique sense of authenticity. By that, I mean there are lots of rappers out there that are seen as "relatable". My goal is to take it one step further so that the people that listen to my music feel as if I'm speaking exactly about what they are always dealing with. The stories of their lives if u will lol. Because a lot of rap has to do with self-appreciation if that isn't something that I practice haha. I want people to know there are rappers out there that don't rap about something that they don't believe in. Now, this isn't to glorify or enhance self-image issues if anything I want them to get better. I realize my music can and might have the opposite effect but then I would tell everyone that supports me that they are strong and resilient and should not look down upon themselves. And hopefully when the turn on a song of mine they can at least know I'm in their corner. 

Lastly, what is the biggest thing you hope to accomplish with your music? How do you hope to inspire future generations?

My biggest goal with my music is to in some type of way change social norms. Or invoke some type of thought into an unpopular perspective. I would hope dearly for future generations to stay away from drugs, be responsible, and to be kind to each other. 


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