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5 Questions with DJ Shadex

Hey DJ Shadex, welcome to BuzzMusic. Tell us about the inspiration and creative process behind this new single

Hey nice to being here. Yeah, I just heard a clock in the house of my grandma. I thought then the noise I could indeed build into a track. This resulted in the track.

We love "Home". It reminds us of a modern take on some very popular well-known songs. What has the biggest influence on you and the production of your music? 

The biggest influence is actually my dream to be one of the best musicians in the world, that spurs me on every day.

Hearing the lyrics "My heart beats fast, when you walk away, I'll be lost, for another day", is this song about a person in particular or past experience?

No, not at all. I just started writing and then these lines developed. I found the writing text that fits it well.

How has this song challenged you as an artist compared to your previous works?

The challenge was to make a song out of the clock noise, how do I bring the sound optimally into the song, but after many challenging hours it became the current end product and I think the track is very good.

Thank you for chatting. We are super excited to hear more from you. What are the plans and goals for 2020 with this year quickly coming to an end?

The goal for 2020 is that I can play my music on the radio, but of course, it would be cool to get into a record label. In 2020, I would also like to focus a bit of a new genre.


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