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5 Questions with Tina Miller

Welcome to BuzzMusic Tina! We appreciate you taking the time to allow our readers to get to know you more as an artist! Can we start off by asking how the music world has been treating your latest single "What If We Kissed?" I have been getting great reviews of the song from multiple blogs, playlists, and various platforms across the internet. I’m also very proud to have hit nearly 2,500 streams on Spotify!

We are so blown away by your voice! Did this talent come naturally to you, or did you craft your sound over time?

Since I was very young, I was always singing. I believe I developed a natural ear over time. I was exposed to so much music that my mom like when she young. Growing up, I was really influenced by the voices of Simon and Garfunkel, Freddie Mercury, and Janet Jackson.

Is there an integral message embedded within “What If We Kissed?" that you can share with our readers?

“What If We Kissed?” It is a song about wishing you had the opportunity to kiss someone at the moment, but freaking out and getting a little too nervous. 

Your artistic persona is filled with absolute electricity! Do you find you maintain this personality when you aren't performing/recording?

Thank you very much! I can definitely describe myself as a creative person, and I think this translates into my on-stage and everyday personality. I am a bit quirky and giggly on and off the stage! :,) I am always full of great ideas. I am always formulating new ideas for potential projects and artistic endeavors.


It was great talking about your latest single! Do you plan to release any new music in the near future? Do you have any upcoming shows you can tell our readers about?

It was a pleasure! I am currently working on a full-length album, and “What If We Kissed?” is a song that will be featured on it.  This project will fuse together many genres such as EDM, Electropop, Ambient, Funk, and Rock! Also, I am opening for Aaron Carter in New York on December 8th!



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