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5 Questions With What Makes Sense

Hey guys! Welcome to BuzzMusic! For those of us that don't know your story, what brought the two of you together to form What Makes Sense?

Thank you! We're stoked on being here. Avery and I (Radam) met when we were in college and formed a band called One For The Braves (OFTB). When OFTB broke up in 2018, Avery and I decided to keep going with something new and began What Makes Sense.

Which track was the most challenging both musically and lyrically to create, and why? How did you overcome this challenge?

The most challenging for sure was "Raging Bull." We pretty much wrote it while in the studio, and the style was definitely something different for us at the time, me especially. I drew so many blanks when working on the lyrics and vocals for it that I had to take some time and really listen to the instrumental. Finally, I came out with what you hear now and couldn't be happier with the result. 

Your sound is an excellent addition to the pop-punk culture. Do you see yourself incorporating other styles in the future? 

Thank you! We are almost always trying to find new styles to incorporate. Avery is a huge Dream Theater fan, and whenever there is a moment to shred, he takes it, which is something we are trying to incorporate more. Recently, I've been really into bands like The Menzingers and The Gaslight Anthem, and there is definitely some influence from there on the new stuff we've been writing. Still, at the end of the day, we love pop-punk and our sound especially and will continue to grow it in whatever way seems natural.

Which artists have been your biggest influence and why?

These questions are always so hard to answer for me because there are so many bands that influenced us, but if I had to sum it up into three bands, I would say New Found Glory, The Story So Far, and Four Year Strong are always some go-to sources for inspiration. 

What's next for What Makes Sense?

Shows and new music! We started working with our friends Nick Crispi and Eddie Petershagen and are looking to keep busy in 2020 with shows and new music. We have some shows booked that we will be announcing very soon and also have some demos we've been playing around with.  


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