5an Reveals 'VILLAINS' With PhilGotAnother1

After only releasing a few EP’s of his own, 5an seems to be ready to take the underground scene for an adventure. From the various flows and rhyme schemes she adapts on beats, to the secretive appeal of her new mixtape and collaboration project ‘VILLAINS,’ 5an and Atlanta producer PhilGotAnother1 teamed up to give us an enticing body of work full of energy.

Taking our attention to the ten tracks released on 5an’s album ‘VILLAINS,’ we stumble across the featured single of “WOCKSTAR,” and we’re thrilled to have found this gem. Commencing with a tantalizing soundscape that is both intriguing and definitive, we quickly come to realize that PhilGotAnother1 did not come to play when it gets down to the bass line.

Submerging us in an all-out frenzy of hard-hitting instrumentation meets falsetto verses, the energy that sizzles through the sound waves is rather unrivaled. Hunger drips from the vocalization of 5an as she charismatically conveys a melodic rap that is fixated on notes that scream, ‘the higher the better.’ With such a unique approach to the driving essence of the song, both 5an and PhilGotAnother1 have us feeling this creation deep to our core. 5an has an exclusive sound that carves out a solidified lane of her own as she takes on her own adaptation of the new wave of harmonious rhyme schemes executed.

The liveliness takes us to the mesmerizing hook that stays on our minds for long after the song reaches its final moments; making us want to put it on loop and take any noise complaints from our neighbors. Navigating us through their own momentum, 5an and PhilGotAnother1 make a dream team in the hit factory.

The energy served in “WOCKSTAR,” is off the charts! How did you and PhilGotAnother1 come up with the concept for this song? First off, Thank You. Honestly, I didn't hear the beats to the full project until it was time to record, Phil makes the beats in different places & waits until either me & him sit and record the songs together or the day I have a studio session back home.

In your own words, what does “WOCKSTAR” mean to you as the artist? Lifestyle What was it like working with one another to release your album, ‘VILLAINS?' PhilGotAnother1: Working with 5an was easy because the relationship was already there. Once you build a genuine relationship with an artist the music not only gets better but it becomes the easiest part.

5an: Vibes it's like the energy was just there to come up with something crazy. What has been your biggest takeaway from the release of this project? What does it say about you as an artist? Growth. I have been doing mad traveling lately to meet new people and feel new energy. The tape really my mood as of lately.