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5K 808MAFIA And Rellyski Don’t Want You To Compromise Happiness In "Fumble That"

Combining his heartfelt emotions with an enticing presence on the mic, Rellyski shares a glimpse of his authentic self in "Fumble That" as he teams up with Florida production wizard 5K 808MAFIA.

Through poignant and enriched instrumentation charged by tantalizing percussion hits and an evocative ambience courtesy of the samples used, we get to cash in on the creative and intentional essence of 5K 808MAFIA's skill set.

As he lays out this unique soundscape for Rellyski to bring his energy upon, we grasp onto vulnerability through the wistful emotions and medley of poetic lyrics. With impeccably processed vocals, his delivery is assertive, as you can hear that he means every word conveyed.

Taking on a melodic style of rapping while touring us through vulnerable lyrical motifs and swift cadences, it's easy to get immersed in the narrative as 5K 808MAFIA, and Rellyski fuses their passion and vulnerability. "Fumble That" expels a tale of regret and heartache that comes with missing out on an opportunity with someone who strives for success. As we hear Rellyski taking control of the beat, his wording reflects him steering the ship of his happiness.

There's not only a brilliant display of emotion submerged in the depths of this genuine anthem. We get to feast on the magnetic energy the two artists bring forth as they showcase their styling and come together to immerse listeners in a refreshing bop that promotes silver linings and your well-being. That's what makes a true hit in today's day and age of music, and we're all for this collaboration made in heaven.

Listen to "Fumble That" on all streaming platforms today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, 5K808MAFIA, and congratulations on the brilliant collaboration! Both yours and Rellyski's sounds mesh so well together. How did this working relationship come to be? Thank you! Last year, in 2022, we linked for the first time after I heard about him in the studio. Since then, we have been making some crazy music.

Let's dive into the creative process! With a song as powerful as "Fumble That," what did the creative execution entail? What was the vibe like when bringing this song to life?

We did this song on our first-night meeting each other. I made the beat a while back and thought he’d be perfect. He did the song in like 15 minutes, and I knew while I was driving home listening to it that this song was special.

Regarding the moods you cast out as a producer, what makes "Fumble That" so unique and true to you?

I feel it could relate to a lot of people. No matter what journey in life, there’s always someone who doesn’t want you to succeed and wants to outshine them and when you do, they try to come back around.

With inspiration coming from various places, what musical and non-musical motivators do you tune into? I get inspiration from many people and things around me. I’d say Metro Boomin is one, and my team is another big inspiration.

What's next for you?

Right now, I’m just focusing on producing quality music and content.

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