6 Speed Supernova Throws Us out of This World With Their Latest Single “Boom”

Four-piece Northern California band 6 Speed Supernova releases their cosmic single “Boom”. The group consisting of lead singer Marie Gutierrez, her brother David Ballon on guitar, Joan Torres on bass and Brittany Patterson on drums. Even though their latest single “Boom” ties in with Rock, 6 Speed Supernova draws influences from Rock, Funk, and Jazz that clearly show through the rest of their discography. The hard-hitting track “Boom” blasts us off to the infinite universe with soaring guitar riffs and fiery drum patterns, emphasizing the high-energy atmosphere whilst transcending us above Earth's atmosphere.

“Boom” hits us with David Ballon’s piercing electric guitar right off the bat with powerful melodies, anticipating the tracks gripping downbeat. As Marie Gutierrez’s vocals take the stage, her riveting vocals clearly portray the message of the song, but she impressively belts emotion and passion adding layers to her sound. With Joan Torres’s throbbing bassline that perfectly underlies each instrument, it’s extremely difficult to ignore 6 Speed Supernova’s limitless exploration and effective delivery. Not to mention the impeccable drum stylings of Brittany Patterson that keep us on our toes, her whopping drums create depth which let us indulge even more into “Boom”. With a finely-calibrated track that takes us to other planets, we’re only looking forward to 6 Speed Supernova’s next release.

You can listen to "Boom" here.