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7 Alkaline Sings of Heartbreak and Emotional Difficulties in, "February 2nd"

As an 18-year-old from Jersey City, New Jersey, 7Alkaline uses music to share his personal relationship problems and difficult emotions with the world.

With the goal of becoming a major, top-chart member of the music industry, 7Alkaline hopes to use his success to give back and help the community that shaped him.

His newest single “February 2nd,” is a track filled with emotion and heartbreak. As 7Alkaline reflects on the difficulties of a past relationship, he is filled with regret as he is able to reflect on the various events and feelings he encountered.

The catchy instrumentals and strong beat keep the single moving along in this rap-style, hip hop release. Drawing influence from artists like A Boogie wit da Hoodie, Kodak Black, and the late Juice Wrld, 7Alkaline is a freestyle artist who describes his genre of music as alternative melodic poetry.

Each of his singles dives deeply into the negative emotions that lie within his soul after difficult impassioned times. It is clear with lyrics like “Ya negativity attack my cells like cancer” that February 2nd used to be a day with joy but now creates a hurt so deep that each interaction with this individual creates a deeper scar.

Exposing his personal emotions through his freestyle music, 7Alkaline’s new single “February 2nd” is powerful and a must listen!

Can you walk us through your musical process while creating your new single “February 2nd?"

My process for making my song "February 2nd" was pretty simple. I was at home sitting on the couch going through beats and I heard one with a melody that I just couldn't forget. I just started freestyling my emotions about my last relationship. I felt the beat talking to me and the melody in the beat was so strong I heard the song singing back my own words to me with just the instrumental. I one-take the whole song out loud to myself in my living room then later went to a studio to get it recorded.

You mentioned you have drawn influence from a few major artists like Juice Wrld, Kodak Black, and A Boogie wit Da Hoodie, how have you been able to weave in aspects of these artists' sounds while also creating your own unique personal singles?

Well, I think whoever you listen to whether you like it or not will have some type of influence on you when you make music. Those guys I listen to a lot, like all day every day. I definitely think they all have some type of influence on my sound. But I still found a way to come up with my own unique one. I love those guys as I know them but at the end of the day, I want to be known as me for my sound and not sounding like someone else.

How do you think growing up in New Jersey shaped you as an artist and why do you feel it is important to give back to your community?

Growing up in jersey city, New jersey a lot of the music is violent and hardcore. This inspired me to make music much different from that. It's super important to me to give back to my community. I was born and raised here. I built my character here, made friends, worked etc. I see everybody here as my people and I want to see my community elevate and I want to be a part of assisting the elevation.

Due to the fact, you have been releasing music over the past year, how has the coronavirus pandemic impacted your ability to write and produce music like many others within the industry?

I know the pandemic affected every artist differently but it was good for me. I had a lot of alone time at home and spent most of my time at home. I just worked on perfecting my sound and making music all day. It got to the point where I was making like 5 to 6 songs a day during the lockdown. The only downfall was the studio was closed for a little while so i couldn't get it recorded, but when it opened back up i went right back to the studio and got that out the way.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

I would say music itself, my community, and my fans inspire me to keep making music. The music itself to me is super therapeutic. The community well every time I wake up to leave the house and see people on the corner with no home or food it inspires me to keep going. My fans, whether it's 1 fan or 1 million the love I receive just from 1 make me feel good and make them feel good to hear my music. Who wouldn't be inspired by that, I know I am.



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