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Robert "7thWardRob" Bailey Released His Single Titled “Phone Blazing

7thWardRob is an american rapper who hails all the way from New Orleans. He’s an inspirational artist who knows how to bring multiple dimensions to his music from soft and melodic to grimy and aggressive with lyrics that breathes life into the song. He released his latest project titled “Up Early, Vol 2” which is a 7 track tape that will take you into an unforgettable hip hop experience that’s going to have you wanting to listen over and over again!

We listened to “Up Early, Vol 2” and one notable song off the super dope album was the opening introduction to the EP titled Phone Blazing” and it was a great invitation to the album. It begins with a phone call sounding establishment before the transcending hook transports you into the music with a catchy hook and oddly riveting vocals. “Phone Blazing” lyrics are so melodious it makes the perfect radio hit. My brother overheard me listening to this record and he found himself vibing alongside the hook which indicated to me that “Phone Blazing” could easily attract a crowd of listeners. It’s the perfect song to play in the car, around other people, or even at a party. The way Rob was able to execute this song and place it numerically in the beginning of his album is a reflection of his artistic intelligence and high caliber of creativity as a musician. We’re sure this isn’t the last time we will hear about 7thWardRob.

Check out "Phone Blazing" here. Exclusive interview with 7thWardRob below!

Hello! Can you tell our readers about you and your music?  

 To start I am from New Orleans and I have been rapping since I was 13. I just recently started seeking constructive feedback and receiving positive affirmations about my music and that pushed me to take it more serious.

Tell us about your Album Up Early Vol 2. - What our listeners can expect from it? 

 Up Early Vol. 2 is a calibration of great beats and thoughts that surfaced from the good times to the bad times and everything in between. Every song has it’s own vibe so you get a different feeling from each song.

“Phone Blazing” was a dope song. Can you tell us the meaning behind it? 

 It tells a story of a person who begins selling drugs because it seem like the only definite way to beat financial struggles in the hood. How someone could become successful and still risk dying trying to make money doing something illegal. It was my way of influencing people to openly weight the consequences that are easily over looked or excepted in that life style.

Can you tell us about your writing process? Do you feel this comes natural? 

 I have many different ways of writing so I can’t say I just do one thing or the other I really just write about how I feel and everything going on around me and yes it comes pretty natural.

What can our readers expect next from you?  

 I have a lot of songs recorded at the moment but I don’t have a full project that I want to release just yet. All I can say is stay tuned and keep listening because it’s only going to get better.


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