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6-Year-Old Get Money King Wants Us To “Look At This Dance”

At just nine years old, “Get Money King” wastes no time chasing his dream of becoming a staple in the music industry. Now back with his third single released on July 2nd, 2023, the energetic dance-filled “Look At This Dance” GMK has us all watching, waiting to see where his music will take him next.

Since he could barely speak, King could recite the lyrics of every rap song that would come through the speakers, even while having an IEP in speech. At four years old, he asked his future manager, Shaun B, if he could step his foot through the door of the music scene after witnessing the numerous artists coming to record with him. Now with both feet in, it’s clear that he has a fruitful future in this industry.

Following the success of two singles he released at age 5, “Juju” and “Road to Skyzone,” GMK is continuing his unstoppable upward momentum. The release of “Get Money King,” accompanied by a lively movement-contagious video, solidifies his reputation as a young aficionado as it is projected to be the most extensive dance record of the year. King even featured a fellow rising artist from Chicago on the record, Hollywood, who perfectly compliments the New Jersey-inspired bounce of the record with dance moves of his own and a gliding verse.

The video is focused on dance culture right from the very first second. Get Money King has a natural steez that shines a light on his star-like qualities. The way he moves and sings on the beat like a well-seasoned pro while being surrounded by a whole community of dancers makes us want to jump up and dance. We can’t control the urge; the bounce is too contagious.

Having such a refined talent at such an early stage in life is a superb strength that will project this youthful star into the deepest depths of the galaxy. Rumour has it that a full-length EP is coming, and we’re here for it. But for now, let’s “Look At This Dance” and move to the uncontrollable temptation to drive alongside him.

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