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92 Colby Melts His Listeners With His Refined Sound

92 Colby is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and recording artist who creates a unique synergy of hip-hop, jazz, and R&B, as showcased on albums including Wes Wes (2018), and singles including White Kicks (2018) and Know Myself (2018). Raised in Sacramento, California, Colby grew up heavily influenced by artists of the seventies and nineties, and learned to play jazz saxophone and piano as a youth. He gravitated towards the hyphy movement in the bay area which help curate his style and affinity for hip-hop instinctually and began making beats in high school. Now a resident of Los Angeles, California, Colby has been composing for television, producing up and coming artists, and performing as a solo act with the goal of enhancing others' lives through a new and fresh perspective of sound that has seemingly come before!

92 Colby released his single titled “Melt”. In the approaching summer season, this is the perfect hit to add to your dog days playlist! Blending contemporary hip-hop with futuristic RnB, embroidered with pop effects, “Melt” weaves the lines between a delighted vibe song and a melancholic love bop. The vocals presented had this silk-like texture with a harmonic detail to the hook. The icy cerebral aesthetic “Melt” has is this refreshing and cooling sound we will need in these heating days we’re in! The lyrics are brilliant and stylish with a hi-fi aura surrounding it. 92 Colby has this timeless voice that could be highly memorable without even having to replay his music. This ebullient single can no doubt in my mind become a mainstream hit and 92 Colby would most definitely have one of the most rapid growing careers!

Listen to "Melt" here and get to know more about 92 Colby in our interview below!

Did you find any challenges in creating your single “Melt”?

I actually had no challenges writing Melt. It came out effortlessly. At the time, I had just started hanging out with a girl who had really made an impact on me. I made the beat in a car dealership waiting on my car to get serviced, then ran home and cut the vocals in about 5 minutes. The verses also came pretty quickly. Everything just poured out. This is the beauty of music to me. If its natural and effortless, you can make magic anywhere, anytime.

Tell us a bit about your writing process. Do you collaborate with anyone or do you write your own music? Does it come natural to you?

I am exclusively on my own when writing. I make all of my own beats, write all of my own hooks/verses, play all of my own instruments, and engineer all of my own mixes. I actually don't write anything down on paper or a phone. I freestyle everything and let the beat tell me what to say. I go line by line. I just got to a point a few years ago where my written stuff was too wordy and complex, and not vibey enough, so I switched up my technique and go with this style now. I usually send all of my music to my friend who does music too, and we have a great relationship where he can tell me if something is wack or not. I sent this one to him a couple times and he helped me finesse it to the best I think it could be lyrically.

Can you describe what the “Hyphy movement” is? A term used in the Bay area that may be unfamiliar to some of our readers!

The Hyphy movement is basically when the Bay Area made a stake on the rest of the world with its own sound and cultural impact. There's definitely a sound everyone knows associated with the Bay. Even before the surge in the late 90's early 2000's, guys like Too Short and groups like Zion I/Amp Live (who I work with now) were carving out a sound in the early 90's that was different and unique. When I was growing up, we were all listening to like Mac Dre, Andre Nickatina, E40, Mistah Fab, Keak da Sneak, etc. It wasn't until I think Lil Jon who was making a name for himself at the time started working with guys from the Bay that the sound became mainstream, and the Crunk sound kind of melded with Hyphy for songs I think a lot of people are familiar with. It's been popularized again by DJ Mustard which is awesome. Our beats are simple and silly, but effective. It's all about having fun.

What is the message you're trying to deliver with "Melt"?

My message was just simply to express the way this girl made me feel at the time. It's a play on ice cream (in the many ways she's sweet) and staying cold/froze (myself emotionally). It's very rare someone comes into your life and they give you that kind of impact. She laughs at all of my jokes, does music too, has a fun, positive, and optimistic personality, and is downright beautiful. What I think is crazy is that person is different for everyone. I could feel one way about someone that no one else could feel, and vice versa. You have to check yourself sometimes to make sure you don't get lost in the sauce with someone you really vibe with though. That's why I say "My new ting so cold, she got me froze, iced out, lights out, damn I'm thrown // Too fast, girl don't give me heat cuz you move too fast, girl I can't keep up I'm gonna melt, I don't wanna melt, girl don't make me melt." The whole song plays upon this theme of ice cream and lust and the parallels between the two figuratively. Virtually every line is playing into that and I really tried to drive that home. 

What's next for you through 2019?

This year, I have two projects I'm releasing. One is an instrumental album, a sequel of sorts to my recent releases Wes Wes (2018) and THREAT (2019), and the other is a vocal R&B album, my first of this kind where I'm singing on all of my own beats. Melt is the first single on this project. I'm announcing the second single very soon. I also have a show on May 28 at The Virgil in Los Angeles.


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