94RCADE Makes Their Big Debut With a Thrilling, "High Speed Chase"

The concept independent alternative band and trio 94RCADE introduces us to their uplifting stylings by way of their debut single and music video, "High Speed Chase."

The concept band tells the story of how they met in a rather unique way. As Dave Choi (drummer) was on a routine time-traveling trip to 1994, he was left stranded after the machine broke down. While beginning to build a new time machine, he accidentally created 94RCADE. Twenty-four years later, Trevor (vocals/guitar) and Christian (bass/vocals) were out on the town when their car broke down, and that was the moment they encountered 94RCADE and were transported into the time machine.

Recently dropping their conceptual single and music video for "High Speed Chase," 94RCADE mentioned that the music video is like a "Netflix Sci-fi comedy or a reimagining of the cult classic, Weird Science." They also stated that the concept for the video is centered around how the band met their drummer Dave for the first time.

Peaking at the music video for "High Speed Chase," the scene opens with two scientists making some sort of error while a code red alarm blares. With playful cuts to scenes of 94RCADE beside a broken-down car, the video continues to blast us with comedic takes of our two scientists spiking their coffees and going in for the donut haul.

As the video comes to an end with 94RCADE zooming down the freeway during their "High Speed Chase," they've truly left us wanting more conceptual and thorough songs/videos like their big debut.

Catch 94RCADE's debut single, "High Speed Chase" on all digital streaming platforms, and watch the music video on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic 94RCADE and congratulations on releasing your stimulating debut single, "High Speed Chase." Why did you want this song to kick off your band's music career? How does this song introduce us to who you are? “High Speed Chase” was the first song we wrote collectively, and everyone we showed it to (prior to release) seemed to really enjoy it. It has a lot of electronic elements as well as production going on which is showcased throughout our music. To us as a band, it seemed fitting to debut with the song that started our journey as 94RCADE. Could you expand on the concept behind your music video for "High Speed Chase?" What themes did you want to get across to your audience? The theme of the video (without going into too much detail) is basically how Christian, Dave, and I (Trevor) met inside this mysterious universe known as the 94RCADE (which is also our band's name). As you can tell from the video, it looks very much like a sci-fi/comedy short film. In the video, we show how we meet in a laboratory that was using Christian and me for absurd wacky experiments. Dave was also one of the scientists, but unknowingly to us at the time wasn't one of the mad or evil ones. In the end, it shows the three of us driving away together, leaving the laboratory behind. Who helped you out on set for your music video, "High Speed Chase?" How did your team execute the ideas and concepts you had in mind? We are lucky to have a great group of friends who helped us not only on set but also as actors in the video. The only exception was Anita (actress @anitavosk), who we hired for the day to play the female lead. All of us (Christian, Trevor, and Dave) have experience doing music videos and being on set. Due to having a very small budget, we decided to direct and produce the video ourselves. We spent a couple of weeks preparing for the “High Speed Chase” shoot and planned out almost every detail prior to doing anything on camera. Funny enough, this was our 2nd music video for “High Speed Chase”. We learned a lot about what not to do on that first try and despite it being a tough decision; we’re very happy with having scrapped the first video. Without having gone through the lessons we learned during the first shoot, we would have never been able to reach the final product. Could you tell us a bit more about your band and what you strive to represent with your music/brand? This whole project revolves around a mysterious Arcade game (known as 94RCADE) that keeps taking the 3 of us into different realities, realms, universes, times, and situations. This project is heavily influenced by classic film and television. We want to be a band that's branded like a long-running TV series, or movies with a huge cult following (haha). When you see it, you know exactly what it is. In the end, we want to show the world what we’ve been through these past three years with the 94RCADE; the good times, the bad times, and everything in between.