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A Bruised Heart Means More Champagne Than “Orange Juice,” For Lexi Cline

Sharing her quirky, magnetic, and honest stylings is a singer-songwriter and pop recording artist Lexi Cline with her latest sincere single and music video, "Orange Juice."

With such honest and relatable lyrics, it's hard to tell whether Lexi Cline is pulling from her personal diary or yours. She's already mastered the art of building relationships with her fans through witty, conceptual, and confessional creations, along with snappy melodies that showcase her shamelessly vulnerable spin on pop music.

“I want to make music that inspires people to be exactly who they are," says Cline, adding that if she can help anyone embrace themselves fully, she knows she's doing something right. Cline brings that theme of self-love and healing to life in her latest single and music video, "Orange Juice."

The song is a lively and upbeat pop anthem that expresses the post-breakup healing journey and how we tend to indulge in our favorite things a little bit more. In the song's music video, Cline captures those scenes with visuals of plates on plates of delicious food and, of course, more champagne than "Orange Juice."

It's a bubbly song and equally vibrant music video with bright colors and bedazzled foods, all of which Lexi Cline gracefully scarfs down. We admire this unique approach to breakup songs, as it's a light and upbeat listening experience with a profound meaning, letting us know that it's okay to indulge in our vices when times get tough, just as long as we remember there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Take a nice, refreshing swig of some "Orange Juice" with Lexi Cline's new single and music video. Find the track on all digital streaming platforms and the music video on YouTube.

We love your honest yet upbeat approach to the classic breakup song in "Orange Juice." What inspired you to take this quirkier route and sing about drinking more champagne than "Orange Juice?"

Heartbreak might be one of the worst feelings in the world!! When it comes to all things sad, I try to distract myself as much as possible by doing new things and surrounding myself with good people. More often than not, it's about allowing time to heal broken wounds, so why not fill that time with everything that makes you happy? I'm not the first to jump at writing a sad song, so I wanted to write a feel-good breakup song, which consisted of grabbing my friends and going out for more champagne than orange juice!

What was your vision for the "Orange Juice" music video? What inspired the scenes of you eating bedazzled foods all alone?

I've always loved music videos that take an audience into a fictional world! I brainstormed for a while about what this might look like and knew I wanted it to be a simple, light, & playful concept that highlights my quirky brand. Because this was just a lyric video, we decided on one location and to focus on making the food a big part of the video! I happened to be on Pinterest a week before the shoot, where I came across a photo of a banana covered in rhinestones and immediately knew I had to incorporate this! It took me about 8 hours to bedazzle all the food shown in the video... turns out rhinestones don't stick on oranges very well!

Did you have any directors or producers help you bring the "Orange Juice" music video to life? What was your experience shooting the music video with your team?

I worked closely with a cinematographer, Jordan Edwards, who helped me develop the entire story for this video. One of my best friends helped me bring all the food to the studio, and we set it all up, just the three of us! It was a fairly simple shoot; the food was the only thing that was hard to keep fresh! It was pretty funny having to remove several rhinestones from my mouth after biting into one of the cupcakes or donuts.

Should we anticipate hearing "Orange Juice" on your upcoming EP in 2023? Could you drop any hints about that project?

"Orange Juice" will remain separate from my anticipated EP release, which will drop as singles slated for early 2023! Orange Juice was such a fun concept; I wanted it to be a separate project from my upcoming music releases! The social media engagement on this song has been higher than any previous release, especially on FB reels, where the song has accumulated over 4 million views!

What's next for you?

I am very excited about the music I have been working on and the amount I have grown as a songwriter. I'm excited to release a few upcoming collaborations in the next few weeks as I gear up for all the new music released in 2023! Until then, I'll be drinking more champagne than orange juice... cheers!


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