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A Certain Energy Gets Real, Raw and Honest About Himself in New Music

Based in Fort Wayne in singer-songwriter, rapper, and recording artist A Certain Energy.

If you're immediately wanting to know the type of flavor involved in A Certain Energy's sound, his latest offering, "Fake Love," is the best place to look. "A Fake Love" is the anthem to A Certain Energy's experience in life thus far, especially his experience within the music. All the triumphs, the losses, the fakes, and all of the in-betweens are thoroughly expressed during "A Fake Love."

A Certain Energy knew that all of his thoughts needed to be written down, recorded, and released to the world so that listeners could learn what he has already endured. This made the songwriting process extremely natural for A Certain Energy, as he labeled it one of the easiest pieces he ever writes. His authenticity flows making "A Fake Love" a real, original offering from A Certain Energy.

Now, how does "A Fake Love" attribute to A Certain Energy's artistic brand? Well, if you aren't already familiar with the artist's logo, it has "The Original" stated on it, which is a guideline for every song of his. "A Fake Love" followed suit and was based on A Certain Energy's persona, which means the single is a complete reflection of what he believes in, has lived in, or has been influenced by.

To learn more about A Certain Energy and his single, "A Fake Love," read his full BuzzMusic article here.

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