A Classic MC with a Ageless R&B Feel; “Love, Life, and Aquarius” by Mister ATL

Mister ATL has been killing the game with his recognizable blend of urban inspirational, southern, and hip-hop contemporary soul. He released his album titled “Love, Life, and Aquarius.” This album begins with the song “Kut Klose” Kut Klose has the elements of feel-good music with a classic lyrical delivery. This record was a great opener to the album because it highlights not only the potential theme of the album, but it showcases how Mister ATL has a strong old school rap vibe to his style of music. “Kut Klose” is just the beginning of what to expect from this project. Both “Vows” & “Beauty” both showcased a new dimension to Mister ATL’s artistry. He ventured off into the love department of rap music, giving us a clue on why he decided to name this album what he titled it. Mister ATL tackles on a smooth-sailing R&B element to his solid lyrical ability in not only both of those records but the single “The World”.

Listening to these 3 songs you begin to think of a special someone who holds true to you. MISTER ATL takes on melodic arrangements with strong emotional conviction, adding chemistry in the mix to create a strong connection between the listener and the music. You feel every note on this album with his powerful dynamics. This album has so many different elements to this project but MISTER ATL knows how to stick to the root of the project while keeping the lustrous and suave aesthetic. One of my personal favorite songs on this album was the record “All Night (Interlude). This small interlude gave me major 90s-early 00s R&B vibes. The erotic, passionate, and smooth arrangements of this made me highly invested in the album and it left you with an unsatisfying abrupt ending that had you longing for more. It was so good you wish it was longer but Mister ATL makes up for it with the next record “Honeymoon”. Listening to “HoneyMoon” continued this time-traveling aesthetic back to the early good days. These the type of songs where you can relive the moments of crushing on that specific person. Mister ATL caters to the ladies but also gives the fellas something they can devote to their loved ones.

The next track that came in was “The Call” Interlude and what I loved most about this was how it was setting us up for the perfect transition in the album. In this interlude, there’s dialogue in the form of a phone call requesting for Mister ATL to change the vibe of the album from his love jams to something we can groove to. Mister ATL delivers the wishes with the next transitional record “Heavens Groove”. He goes for a different approach with the lyricism and feel of the track, yet he still brings joy to the listener. I believe “Heavens Groove” represents the “Life” in the album’s title as opposed to the other records representing the “Love”. The next song th