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A Diamond in the Rough, Que-Brick Sparks Meaning in, "Rock Bottom"

Facing the forfeit of touring opportunities, marketing prospects, and the halting of his promising acting career all due to a pandemic that also claimed the life of a dear family member, Que-Brick delivers a project near and dear to his heart titled, ‘Lost Jewels.’

The 16 track album was mainly recorded in isolation and with the one and only producer mastermind, Othello by his side. As Que Brick’s first offering of 2021, he delivers a thesis of a beleaguered soul, utilizing his sizeable talent for combining lyrical earnestness with passionate melodies to convey a ray of hope for not only his own life but those of his audience.

As we focus our attention on the introductory single on this project conveyed by rage, Que-Brick has us tuning into, “Rock Bottom.” Immediately transitioning our attention to a cerebral state of stillness, Que-Brick approaches the melodic beat in a cognizant manner that drives home his lyrical dexterity and ability to tell a well-worded story in his musical offerings.

Impacting the speakers with hard-hitting verses that swindle our mindset to sink into our seats, Que-Brick is a force to be reckoned with as he performs with conviction in the melancholic hues shed on “Rock Bottom.” Adapting his messaging to the tantalizing instrumentation that elusively trucks on through the progression, we’re open to hearing the vulnerability that gushes from Que-Brock in an effortless manner.

Fixated on telling his authentic truth, Que-Brick molds his sonic delivery into relevant content that has his audience begging him for more. The emotional bonds that seep from the connection he portrays prove that Que-Brock encompasses compassion and drive, as he is grippingly raw in what he presents through the microphone.

If “Rock Bottom,” is an indicator of what we can expect on ‘Lost Jewels,’ then we suggest that you hit play, and take in all that Que-Brick has to generously share with his fan base.

Congratulations on the release of your album, ‘Lost Jewels.’ We are loving the track, “Rock Bottom.” What inspired your songwriting on this particular track?

The entire album is like a mixture of my personal life and how I viewed the world in 2020. It was one of the toughest years in my life, to say the least. It’s obvious that covid affected the world in many ways. People lost their livelihood. Their means to live and be a productive citizen in America. As a Black man, we’ve dealt with hardships and oppression for over 400 years. So on top of dealing with a pandemic, we’re also still dealing with social injustice. RIP to George Floyd and we still need justice for Breonna Taylor. Amongst others. Channeling that energy into music is where I shine the most. I can’t be sold on any politicians or parties. America is what America has always been and that’s how Rock Bottom came about.

What are you hoping that your listeners take away from the overall message of the 16 track album?

As people, we all go through things. My music is a reflection of my life at that moment. Making it a relatable as possible is my mission. I hope people are inspired by truth and motivated by passion. This is my love letter to Black Excellence, Black Trauma, and Black Love. The Joy and the heartbreak.

What encouraged your placement for “Rock Bottom,” becoming the opening single?

I can’t say “Rock Bottom” is a single. It’s just the song I chose on this particular day to talk about. It’s the song I’ve been playing the most lately. But that changes often. It’s honestly the people who will decide what is single and what will be that “one” from me. I just make music that resonates with me. And hope that it resonates with others.

Out of all songs on the project, do you have one that resonates with you more than others?

I would say “Across the Waters” is the most personal. Losing my aunt last year turned my heart cold. It affected me in a way no other death has. I’ve lost my best friend, my sister, my pops and still, this one feels different. It’s the one song on the album where I care how people feel about it. She meant the world to me.



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