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A Door With No House Has Us Dancing Back to Shore with "Midnight Breeze"

Wow! We haven't stopped moving since the release of A Door With No House's latest single "Midnight Breeze!"

Hailing from New Jersey, A Door With No House is a multi-genre band with an impressive repertoire ranging from funky bass lines to ground-shaking breakdowns, as well as smooth melodies and catchy lyrics. Incorporating rock to reggae, metal to hip-hop, they bring it all to deliver a thrilling live show.

Forming in 2017, the band consists of vocalist Maya Deutch, guitarist Jason Caprioni, bassist/vocalist Dan Kinney and drummer/vocalist Adam Oates. Influences include A Day To Remember, Linkin Park, Incubus, Passafire, as well as Red Hot Chili Peppers. From start to finish, the chemistry between Caprioni, Kinney, and Oates is undeniable. Backed by a steady beat from Oates that leads the way for groovy, clean riffs from Caprioni and a funky, walking bassline from Kinney, Deutch provides a beautiful melody throughout with uplifting lyrics that will have you singing along before the track is finished.

In earlier singles, "Ojos Rojos," "Thorn," and "Undead," this track takes a lighter approach to their multi-genre sound. They prove that they can incorporate funk to metal and provide an exceptionally unique listening experience. We look forward to hearing more from A Door With No House and all the success they have coming their way! "Midnight Breeze" is now available on all music platforms!

Listen to "Midnight Breeze" here.

BuzzMusic is thrilled to Welcome A Door with No House! We’re still grooving to your latest single, “Midnight Breeze!” You formed in 2017 and have released tracks that fluently showcase your multi genre range. What has the process been to grow your sound to where it is today?

Our process has always been simply and organic. Dan, Jason, and I always jam out to whatever song we are working on. Usually someone will present a riff or melody, or even it will spawn from our session spontaneously. We all come from different musical backgrounds and have different but overlapping tastes in music. Once we have something solid, we start to ask ourselves, “Have we done this before?”, or “Does this sound like other material?”. We continuously push ourselves not to repeat and grow our pallets as musicians. After we feel we have a solid song then the vocal writing process begins. Depending on the song, sometimes it’s clear cut to what type of vocals should go with it (singing, screaming, or rapping) or what type of combination. Other times we strive to do the unexpected. We usually gather in a stripped-down environment (typically acoustic) to really channel in some strong melodies for the vocals. There we all express our ideas about the journey we want to take the listener through. While sometimes we write the lyrics as a group effort or one of us will present lyrics, we written beforehand. But like the instrumentals we try our absolute best not to repeat ourselves. -Adam

We imagine when you play to a new crowd who isn’t familiar with you that it would be unexpected that your 2019 single, “Undead,” and “Midnight Breeze” would be from the same band in the same set. What does a writing session with A Door with No House consist of to get the perfect balance of light and heavy to create something so diverse and captivating, what genres remain untouched that you would like to explore?

During our shows we tend to surprise new listeners and constantly throw them off our trail. It’s been described to us as a weird sensation of not knowing what will be next. Someone also said to me “I don’t know if I wanted to dance, smoke a fat blunt, or punch someone in the face”. Our balance mainly comes from constantly evaluating what we have already done and trying to build up our library. We have been wanting to explore more digital styles, like more synths and possible electronic drums. Or possible introduce more instruments we haven’t used in the past. We don’t plan on putting any limits on our material in the future, but we always make sure it is something that comes natural to us. -Adam

Musically, “Midnight Breeze” is a song that makes you want to run the beach on a warm Friday night to start the weekend and leave any negativity of the week behind as you kick the weekend off, but when you examine the lyrics they reveal a more personal message of hope and inspiration to those who feel they may not “make it back to shore.” Was there a particular moment that inspired the lyrics for this track, or a message that you wanted your audience to take from it?

Midnight Breeze was written at the beach. I would often head over to the lifeguard stands on the beaches of Long Branch with my acoustic guitar at night to jam and sort out some song ideas with the sound of waves crashing under the moonlight. I loved the atmosphere and always have been drawn to the ocean, so I wanted to write a song about it. I really liked the idea of the meaning of sunsets and nights in society over time. Way back in the time of hunter and gatherers, night was a time of possible danger. Predators would come out to hunt their prey at night. We see this theme played out in countless movies nowadays like The Purge and 30 Days of Night where the protagonists are saved by sunrise. In these scenarios, dawn would give a sense of relief and safety. Nowadays, it has changed to the opposite with sunset causing relief. We sometimes wake up every day before dawn, go to work, and are only saved from daily life by the night where we can truly be ourselves. When the sun goes down, life begins. The stresses of the day fades away, we spend time with friends and family, and work on our passions and dreams. Whatever happened in the day is over, it’s the past, and all that matters is the present. This song I hope reminds the listener that everything will be alright. Struggle is part of life and you are not alone. No matter the current or rough waves that life throws at us, we can all make it back to shore. -Jason

“Midnight Breeze” explores lighter genres than your earlier singles, what could we expect next from A Door with No House? Who would you love to collaborate with in studio and go on the road with?

Our next planned release is our debut full-length “Avant-Garde” which drops on March 21st, 2020. On that record we will have all the singles we released prior and 8 more songs. With that said the experimentation continued. The album features all sorts of alternative genres like jazz, funk, indie, and tango inspired rock. Along with that some of our heaviest music to come will be on this record as well. We would love to work with different types of producers of different styles of music. This record was done with Kevin Antreassian (Dillinger Escape Plan) at Backroom Studio. It was amazing working with him. But we wondered what it would be like working with different producers for our different styles. That’s an idea we hope to try out some day. As far as touring goes, we would love to tour with our new friends in Added Color. They hold a similar value in blending music as we do. The same goes for the band Passafire, with more of a reggae approach. -Adam



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