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A Dope Producer With A Dope Artist Makes A Dynamic Pair; Jprotege And Leewater With “Blessing”

What makes a hit song? In our opinion, it’s the right production of a beat and the right artist to execute it! And that’s exactly what Jprotege and LeeWater did themselves! Who are these two phenomenons? Let’s introduce them!

Jprotege is an producer originally from Sacramento CA who now calls Arizona his home. He became a producer in 2008 out of his deep love for music. Before Jprotege made the valley of California his home, he gained notoriety for producing fellow natives. Currently, Jprotege is working on projects, in which he will be entirely produced, set to release in the Summer and Fall of this year. He plans to expand his horizons and grow his music career.

Leewater, on the other hand, was born in Denver Colorado but currently resides in Phoenix Arizona. Leewater developed a love for words and melody and was later baptized in the music scene where open mics would occupy most of his nights. Leewater gained notoriety as a writer and member of the multi-genre collective, The Color 8. After years of writing short stories and arranging countless songs, Leewater would embark on his personal musical journey. During this journey, Leewater met the producing icon Jprotege, and together they would collaborate on their full-length project.

The two released the record “Blessing” off their album “Light Shine” and this song is ready to get the sizzling hot summer vibes on lock! Jprotege arranges together a nice beat that blends styles of rnb, lo-fi hip hop, with trap elements floating on top of the track. Jprotege serves as the foundation for the entire record due to his creation of the beat. Therefore, the meticulous time spent in crafting this beat was well-noticed. Leewater as a vocalist is incredible! His smooth-sailing resonance shows signs of classic RnB nature with a saturated tonal quality that pushes through the music. The lyrics were nicely written that the current generation would love! “Blessing” was a fun record in which many people could catch a vibe. “Blessing” will translate so well with a day to day summer playlist. The combination of a killer producer and fire artist is scorchingly brilliant, and Jprotege alongside Leewater is the perfect example of the mix!

Listen to "Blessing" here and get to know more about Jprotege And Leewater below!

Welcome you two to Buzzmusic! How has the journey been so far?

The journey has been amazing so far. It’s scary to think of what’s to come and how much we’ve accomplished in just two years time

For Jprotege, what are some of the many obstacles you find yourself overcoming when producing music?

Time management would be my main obstacle. It’s hard working a 9-5 and having a girlfriend, as well as balance a career in music. I’m improving daily and my girl is understanding. I’m a Libra so balance is important haha. 

Leewater! How do you find the perfect theme to write about from a nicely arranged track by Jprotege?

I try not to think at all. I try to react to the music, they only thing I try is to follow my first instinct

With responding to the beat! 

Tell us about this joint album! Which are some of your personal favorite songs Jprotege and Leewater?

This collaborative project was a lot of fun to make J.Protege’s production made it easy for me to lock in and get in the character for each theme/song. Some of my favorites are Solfood, Blessing, Fine by me....along with the rest of the album. I have to agree with lee those are my some of my favorites along with gypsy lover.

What’s next for you two?

Our next project, due to release this fall, and I’m excited about it. Not a bar will be wasted on the writing and J.Protege hit another level with the instrumentation. 


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