A Double Dose Of Prince Amine For Valentine's Day

Prince Amine is coming through with hypnotizing vocals on his latest double release of “Devol” and “You Tell Me” just in time for Valentine's Day. The lyricism in “Devol” created the perfect vibe for two people to get lost in. It is erotic and passionate, with sexy catchphrases and sensual metaphors to add on to the aesthetic of “Devol”. “Devol” had a smooth-sailing R&B vibe in the instrumentation of the beat which helps create this fiery energy that musically burns you like a flame. “Devol” is perfect for enhancing chemistry between you and that special somebody. It’s the kind of song you can play to set the mood right and enjoy the company and the presence of someone else. Not only has “Devol” been released for the Valentine season, but his single titled “You Tell Me” was a harmonically-rich addition to the packaged deal.

“You Tell Me” was more of an upbeat energetic romantic single while “Devol” complimented the slow-jam style. We loved the light auto-tune effect on the vocals in “You Tell Me” which gave the song an edge. The production of “You Tell Me” caters to more of the hip-hop crowd which gave a new layer to the song. “Devol” and “You Tell Me” was seasoned and ready for people to digest this upcoming lovely season. Prince Amine delivers the perfect dynamic between both subtle and loud through two songs with similar but opposite vibes.

Stream “Devol” and “You Tell Me” here.