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A.E Stylez Orders Listeners To "Stay Down," In His Latest Track

A.E Stylez is yet another Los Angeles Hip-Hop/R&B artist that plans to make some serious waves in the music industry for the year to come. Already planning his strategic play with the release of his EP, "Stay Down," A.E Stylez is strapping up for a powerful 2022 and solidifies his placement with one particular track off the EP, also titled "Stay Down."

Wanting to bring a certain diverse element to his music, A.E Stylez begins his new and refreshing approach to his sound with "Stay Down." The song features natural, charming confidence from A.E Stylez that works to compel the likes of the audience. With a great all-around vibe, "Stay Down" hones into some pretty seasoned melodies that spark from the use of instrumentals like the piano, and offer a dark, contemporary feel.

A.E Stylez is nothing less than fiery with his vocal delivery and he never gives listeners the chance to question his creativity. The real punchline of "Stay Down" comes with the straightforward lyrical approach that A.E. Stylez takes on. With strong themes of success, mindset, "real ones" and personal expectations, "Stay Down" explores elements that reveal many traits from A.E. Stylez himself. The real impact of this track was felt with the word choice that A.E Stylez so carefully delivered.

Thanks for joining us, A.E Stylez! Congratulations on the successful debut of "Stay Down." What kind of statement were you generally looking to make with the track? I appreciate you having me! With stay down, there was no exact statement or story behind the record I just happened to be in the booth, cut the Melodie’s then punched in words that popped in my head.

Can you share more on the producer of "Stay Down" and the level of collaboration that went on between you two?! Stay Down was produced by Zach Salter who I work with on a regular basis, he makes me beat right on the spot and we get to work, he tracks my vocals a lot these days as well, has great energy, and is one of my favorite people to work with.

If your audience could take one point away from "Stay Down," which would you hope that would be? If my audience could take one thing from this record if for them to know that this is only the beginning and the music is only getting better! Big things 2022.

What's next for you?

In 2022 I plan to release a lot of different songs with different genres and styles to showcase what I can really do, my main goal is to make sure I’m releasing consistently and also putting out content on a daily basis on all platforms for my audience.


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