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A Fresh New Single From Ajia Clark "Ooo La La"

Ajia Clark is a singer and songwriter from Colorado. In 2007, after a gig as a backup singer, she decided to embark on her own solo career. Her roots are firmly placed in rhythm & blues, but she also draws inspiration from artists such as Etta James, Jill Scott, Tina Turner, and Lauryn Hill. Ajia grew up in a musical family and started her career through her friends who were performing in and around Nashville, where her growing reputation caused one audience member to ask “Who’s the new girl with the old school sound?” Currently, she is recording an album called “Finally Ajia”.

BuzzMusic is proud to present Ajia Clark’s fresh single, “Ooo La La”. Immediately, this song recalls old-school vibes, with a melancholic piano chord progression in the intro. These nostalgic feelings continue with the vocals, harkening back to the fabulous singers that Ajia is influenced by. The vocals are scintillating and soulful, and the accompaniment reminiscent of a jazz trio, all of which make this song a modern take on something you could easily hear in an old school jazz club. With this mature and developed musical direction, we look forward to Ajia’s upcoming album, and encourage you to listen to her fabulous single, “Ooo La La”.

Listen to Ajia Clark's new song "Ooo La La" here and check out our interview with Ajia below!

Hi Ajia! Can you describe your background and how you got into music and songwriting?

I grew up a poor kid and my music and my poetry were my daily escape from the world. I’ve always been in choir and band.  I got into music and songwriting on a professional note once I connected with some Nashville songwriters and artists.

You have a lot of old-school vibes to your music. Would you attribute some of that to your upbringing? Did anyone in your family sing or play any instruments?

I absolutely would attribute my vibe to my upbringing. I come from a family of talented musicians and singers. My father’s a singer/musician , my auntie was a Seattle jazz elite may she Rest In Peace and my brother is a phenomenal singer as well. I was lucky enough to grow up with a father who himself was a singer and made sure we were exposed to all kinds of different music all the time. On road trips we’d listen to Anita Baker whom is still one of my favorite artists to this day all the way to the other side of the music fence with ZZ Top.

How would you describe your writing process?

I let the music tell me what to do. The music will never steer you wrong. You just gotta open up and let it drive. Let it’s vibe sink into you.

Do you have a meaning or message behind your single, “Ooo La La”?

“Ooo La La” is a song about that good thang not “thing” but thaaang haha and how they make you feel.

What does the future look like for Ajia Clark?

The future is looking very very promising for Ajia Clark. I’ve got my album I’m working on coming out and a special project with some seriously talented and well known cats in the works as well. I also have a cut on a great country artists album coming out as well. I’m super excited about all of it! 


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