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A Fresh Release For AY With Her Newest “Mayberry Heart”

AY has always felt at home writing music at her piano. This singer and songwriter from greater Boston composes and performs with passionate and powerful vocals. She really geared her fans up for her release of her latest “Mayberry Heart” with previews, strong visuals, and lyric snippets via Instagram. Thrilled to release this single as an original and right before the sacred National Love Day. Let’s tune into this new release from AY!

Introduction was beyond striking. We assume it is AY with the piano but regardless the melody pulls you deep into the song even before her voice takes you away. There is a gentle power in her voice that mesmerizes you and has you floating on cloud 9. The notes she hits and runs this girl is giving sounds so effortless. The soul and heart within the lyrics and tone and just the piano accompaniment is such a ear pleasing gift. A tune for the likes of all and a sound all her own. There isn’t a particular artist that we could even compare her sound to and that is what makes it special. We cannot help but really love this song and everything it’s made of.

Listen to "Mayberry Heart" here, and learn more about AY in our interview below!

Hello. If you could, introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Ay and music is my purpose. I grew up on a tiny island near Boston MA and have chased my dream of pursing a music career since I was a child. 

When did you begin composing music?

I began singing at age 2 and began to play piano at 4. When I learned to sing and play together around 8 years old, I began composing immediately and never stopped. 

What piano key is your favorite and why?

When I write music I am listening to my soul. Sometimes expressing feelings I recognized through experience or observation. The key of the piece always chooses itself, although I do enjoy working with minor keys and dark tones.

What is the story behind “Mayberry Heart” and why did you choose to release it when you did?

Mayberry Heart came to me through a significant relationship experience.  The kind of situation where two people who love each other dearly, cannot seem to surmount obstacles in their way. And yet, they refuse to give up the fight for that love. I chose to release this single during February when all kinds of love are in focus and many who feel heartbreak, hope, and longing deeply enjoy music that reflects those feelings.

What is your favorite lyric in this single?

My favorite line of the song is the very first lyric “stumbled in with my heart in my throat”.  This sets up that feeling of frenzy and mishap for the entire song and love story.

What can we expect from you this year?

I have recently completed producing more original work in LA with producer Anthony Resta.  You can expect to hear a mix of neo-soul and alternative pop from me in coming productions.  I love to experiment with different styles that complement my powerful vocals.   I am going to be releasing and performing these pieces throughout the year.  To stay tuned on events and releases follow my social pages! 


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