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A Heated Debut: Aimee Saturne's Sultry Single, "Don't Tell My Boyfriend"

Based in Los Angeles, the tranquil dark Pop princess Aimee Saturne drops her deadly debut single, "Don't Tell My Boyfriend."

The recording artist and actress thrives through serene and lustful nights within the city of angels, while her intriguing lyricism and mysterious presence bring a naturally gravitating sensation. 

Living in various states, Aimee Saturne was pulled to live in Los Angeles and allow her music to flourish within the western music culture. Her recent hit "Don't Tell My Boyfriend" totally captures that dark pop L.A. vibe; the throbbing basslines and hefty mid-tempo beat serve the ultimate ambiance with an intriguing pull. 

"Don't Tell My Boyfriend" begins with vibrating sub-bass that naturally makes us want to hear more. Aimee Saturne begins vocalizing with this poised and mysterious presence, delivering a heavily sultry and sensual lyrical message where her description of intimacy paints incredibly poetic moments. 

Without wasting any time, the hook drops with an intense atmosphere through gripping night-vibe production. Aimee Saturne switches up the lyrical story where her boyfriend is nowhere to be found, but instead, she expresses the pain she's endured through a troubled relationship where lust is still present. 

Ending the track off with incredible production elements that swell and heat the atmosphere with musical lust, we genuinely love the ride that Aimee Saturne took us on with "Don't Tell My Boyfriend."

Hello Aimee and welcome to BuzzMusic. Why did you choose "Don't Tell My Boyfriend" as your debut release? How does it set the tone for your future projects?

Don’t Tell My Boyfriend was the first song I recorded with my new team, and I really feel like it represents me as an artist in all aspects. It’s dark, it’s fun, it’s sexy and it’s evocative— which is exactly what the entire record (and more) is going to capture. I want people to see a deep, almost private side of me that has been there all along, and Don’t Tell My Boyfriend is sort of the key that unlocks the door to that world.  What sort of atmosphere did you want to create while making "Don't Tell My Boyfriend"? How does the track's sonic arrangement reflect your lyrical message? Funny enough, I literally walked into the studio and said “don’t tell my boyfriend, but..” and it sparked the whole idea and creative process for the track musically and lyrically! When we actually started working on the song I wanted to capture a vampy, provocative mood. I made it abundantly clear from the beginning that I didn’t want anything too bright and happy. I wanted to keep my heart open and offer it to the song because of the subject matter being in the same manner. Lyrically and sonically it all intertwines like an audiovisual. The lyrics give the story and the music is the soundtrack.  Do you have any musical inspirations that might have influenced your deep and dark pop sound? What initially pulled you towards this modern and powerful route? I grew up on and still love all kinds of music in all kinds of genres, but I’ve always gravitated towards the darker side of pop music whether I was creating it or listening to it. I like the idea of music creating a mood rather than just being something to turn on for background noise. Dark pop, to me, has all of the mysterious elements but still keeps a crucial touch of the excitement that regular pop music has. I’m fortunate enough to not be forced to squeeze myself into any one genre, but dark pop really captures who I am at heart. Plus it's just so much fun, too!  Now that you're living and thriving in Los Angeles, what has the city offered to your music career that was difficult to achieve in other cities/states? I’ve always had a twisted love affair with Hollywood and knew from a very young age that it would be the city to offer me the most opportunity. While I was dabbling in music in other places, I was never able to forge the same kind of friendships or take my music as far as I have in LA. There’s a certain kinship with the creatives here. We’re all doing the same things within our own worlds and we all understand each other's struggles. It makes things easier, especially when things get rough. Nowhere else have I ever been as inspired as I have been here. This city has always given me its best and it's worst through all of my endeavors, and I’m grateful to it for keeping me grounded in that strange way.  What can we expect to see next from you? I’ve been steadily working on plenty of new music for my debut record, as well as some other little creative projects on the side that I’m very excited about. I’m grateful I get to do everything I love and that I get to share it with everyone in the upcoming months. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon! 



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