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A Hot New Release From Montreal Hip Hop Artist Lowkee

Anthony Bosembo aka Lowkee is a young and upcoming artist based out of Montreal. Lowkee is currently focused on a Hip-Hop/R&B blend with some Pop influences. His goal is to bring an electric musical mixture to these genres of music. A decade into the music industry, Lowkee has taken the time to really understand the business aspect of the music industry. In college he studied videography and now is using those skills by directing and producing his own videos and other projects as well. Some of his musical influences that helped shape him are Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Michael Jackson and Ace Hood to name a few. Four music videos and over 20 songs later, Lowkee has released his official EP album and first single release “Hallelujah”.

The single “Hallelujah” by Lowkee comes in with a nice old school feel. I can hear some of his musical influences throughout the entire song. Tuning into the lyrics of each feature gives you some background to the title. You always wonder why the title of a track is chosen and listening in you will get your answer. The focus on this single is vocal based. The rappers are the focal point in this single and the beat and production are just an accessory. Not everyone knows how to accomplish this style of music but Lowkee, you got it!

Listen to "Hallelujah" here and be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Lowkee below!

Hey, what’s up! Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Lowkee, I am a rapper from Canada. I direct and shoot my own video clips.

What do you think sets you apart from other artists?

My work ethic sets me apart from other artist because I work 10 times harder..My ability to write catchy hooks also and never sound the same on my songs is what sets me apart. I do not have a particular flow or sound. I try to mix a lot of different styles.

What was your process on writing the lyrics for “Hallelujah”?

When I heard the beat the hook was already there and I already had the verse pre-written that fit perfectly...I wanted a verse where i'm just confessing my sins and sayin' its a new start for me as an artist and as a person. 

Are there any artists you want to work with in the future?

I'm trying to work with every major artist in the USA. In Montreal i’d like to work with the producer High Klassified.

How important are visuals for your tracks?

Visuals are super important for my tracks. I plan on dropping visuals for everything I release. I went to film school in order to be able to film my own stuff and be constant with my visuals

Have you ever considered doing a track in French?

Yes. In the future I have plan for french music in order to be ore relevant in Europe and also because it’s a big music market so why not.

What can your fans and our readers look for this year with your music?

They can look for consistency and improvements every time. They can expect evolution and diversity as well.


Connect with Lowkee on social media:

Instagram: @Lowkeemtl

Snapchat: @Lowkeemtl


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