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A. Johnz Wears His Passion On His Sleeve in, 'V-Day 3: Love vs Lust'

Fresh off the release of his hit single, "Ride With Me," A. Johnz offered listeners a taste of his highly anticipated album, 'V-Day 3: Love vs Lust.' Releasing this captivating collection of 18 tracks that showcase A. Johnz ability to mold melodies, have his vastly growing fan base moving to the music, and of course serenade his listeners in a mollifying infused selection of songs, A. Johnz teams up with Sipp Soul Entertainment, to bring you nothing but the best ambiance this Valentine’s Day weekend.

Growing up in the small town of Leland, Mississippi A. Johnz has been no stranger to life challenges. Transferring that passion into music and sports have helped him to overcome any trials and tribulations he would face. With A. Johnz first love being a soulful sound that tells a story, it comes as no surprise that he would release an album titled, 'V-Day 3: Love vs Lust,' to solidify that.

Expressing himself in the charismatic ways we know and love, A. Johnz ignites the fiery desire inside of him as offers up tantalizing tones to immerse listeners in robust resonance. Swaying through gripping emotion, A. Johnz delivers sweet sounds on the themes of love and lust that trickle into an exposed heart that A. Johnz proudly wears on his sleeve.

The records selected for, 'V-Day 3: Love vs Lust,' put your mind into overdrive as you contemplate the very essence of love and lust on separate playing fields. Forcing you to tap into your thoughts and see how love and lust fight the greatest fight of all time, A. Johnz takes our breath away with the heavenly timbres we hear sparkling from his soul. With smoother ballads that simply find their way to tugging on your heartstrings such as, “Awake I’m Dreaming,” “Baggage,” and “Keyz to My Heart,” he hits the nail on the head. We admire the effortless cascades of A. Johnz vocalization being sprawled over these tracks in a mass coverage of raw passion.

Honing in on inner sentiments, A. Johnz stays true to the adaptability in his malleable artistry that he fluently performs. By adding the buoyant, move your body sounds of “Take Control,” “A Girl Like U,” “Thought About Me,” and “No Morals,“ you see that A. Johnz is cemented to being his most authentic self through his poignant expedition on the spectrum of wistful R&B tones.

As we shift the focus to the lead single from the album, "Ride With Me," was inspired by A. Johnz ‘73 Chevy Caprice. Collaborating with the beat maestro, Dopeboyz Music, A. Johnz emits a wide-range of melodies that sweep you into his inviting embrace, in one fell swoop. Infectious grooves are the name of the game as the antedating instrumentation pulses through your speakers. A. Johnz releases a best of both worlds kaleidoscope of sound as he delves into his intricate storytelling methods. Paired with striking harmonies, and the electric flow that surges through his lavish ability to ride the beat, this is the showstopper that A. Johnz conveys. The manner in which he fuses together his versatile panache in larger than life soundscape is rather uncanny. A. Johnz knows what his audience wants and he is right on the money each time he provides dynamism.

Providing real stories to real people is what A. Johnz prides himself on. The tales that he shares are unmatched and prime examples showcased on his album are, “Yes (Woman of My Dreams),” “9 Months,” “Family Work,” and “Superstar.” Each song A. Johnz has hand-selected for 'V-Day 3: Love vs Lust,' depicts unparalleled imagery that infiltrates your life as you know it. With the standout, leave it all on the table presentation of A. Johnz undeniable love for being a hopeless romantic, we find that his innovative approach is more than refreshing.

It wouldn’t be a true A. Johnz masterpiece without him ending on a note that we know all too well because of what we are exposed to in the media. His intensity is amplified in, “Pain,” as he delves into the subject matter about being a Black man living in the United States. Using his platform and talents to speak about the injustice that happens on a daily basis allows A. Johnz to put the forms of love we see throughout life, on a pedestal. This type of subject matter needs to be addressed and A. Johnz will proudly be the one to do it. His performance in, “Pain,” radiates a new light that we see shining down on A. Johnz as an artist and individual. There is no backing down for an artist of this caliber. We need more voices like his.

Not only is, 'V-Day 3: Love vs Lust,' about the hopeless romantic, clear skies type of portrayal, we are opened to the hardships, realities, and of course, the overall melodic aptitudes that hail from this project. With 18 tracks, there is something for everyone. We encourage you to open your mind, open your heart, and take in all that is, 'V-Day 3: Love vs Lust.'

With your latest album, 'V-Day 3: Love vs Lust,' what inspired you to continue the saga that your audience loves?

Basically just wanted to stay true to our main sound so The V-Day saga continues. The inspiration behind all the V-Day projects is just to bring not just couples together, but just to bring together people. As you know R&b is about a love connection and what better time to put emphasis on love music?!!!? Yep, you guessed it, around Valentine's Time.

With the final song on 'V-Day 3: Love vs Lust,' carrying a different subject matter than the concept of the album, what was your reasoning for placing this song as number 18 on the tracklist?

We released the track earlier in the year as a single and We just decided to place it on the album as well due to the powerful message in that song is so relevant. Like I said earlier I only want to spread love to everyone, No MORALS is also a message song that is number 12 on the album. I intentionally place songs of inspiration or message songs on every album or Mixtape to keep everyone including myself on our toes you know. Just giving people something to think about.

Is there a particular song or songs that resonate with you more than others on this project?

As I always say they are all my babies lol But yeah there are some on the Album that resonates with me. To name a few, of course, the single “Ride With Me” “Awake me I’m Dreaming” "Baggage” “9Months,” I can go on and on, but me personally I feel as if this is some our best work to date. I’m very excited for the release and I can’t wait for the fans to hear this body of work.

Could you please take us into what the creative and recording process looked like when fashioning together 'V-Day 3: Love vs Lust?'

The creative process for V-Day 3 Love VS Lust was such a great vibe altogether. Even choosing the tracks on this one was enjoyable, because I’ve been hyped from day one about this project. Every song that we recorded had its own element of energy. While recording at my home studio for this project time wasn’t a problem. All We needed was a peaceful and creative environment and that’s what we had the whole time while making V-Day3. I’m so pumped for this one. Like always BuzzMusic we have to give you guys praises for always coming through for us. God bless.

How have you found yourself growing as an artist from 'V-Day 2: The Love Chronicles,' to 'V-Day 3: Love vs Lust?'

As you know all shall seek growth, and that’s exactly my aim not just in music but in life as well. I think there’s significant growth between the two not that one is way better than the other but Just in a friendly competitive way. In my opinion, I Think V-Day3 Love VS Lust will hold our fans over for a while because like I mentioned earlier I think it’s some of our best work. Go pick it up and visit our website You can also visit our YouTube channel A.Johnz feel free to subscribe.


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