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A Little "Talk," Can Go A Long Way

Alicia Lov’s dancehall-esque sound is deemed incredible with her flawless adaptation. Transitioning from one sound to another, it is evident that Alicia Lov can’t be confined to one specific genre.

The summertime anthem, “Talk,” speaks to her natural artistic virtuoso in ways that ignite a flame within her dedicated fan base. The manner in which her smoldering timbres cast upon the track is truly a force to be reckoned with in itself.

Alicia Lov has the ability to draw her audience towards her uniquely driving talents, all while radiating an assured sense of self. Through various harmonies that strike us with a prominent wave of truth, the narrative that Alicia Lov delves into is one of personal experience.

Touching on a previous relationship where the energy she shared with someone special to her wasn't reciprocated, the striking words that Alicia Lov conveys act as a therapeutic representation of going through the motions after times of past love.

Combining a reflective state of mind with the spellbinding essence that’s propelled from the fusion of passion-fueled vocals and absorbing instrumentation, Alicia Lov has us getting lost in the music as she buoyantly sweeps us off of our feet and into an authentic representation of who she, and where her emotions lie.

With “Talk,” easily falling into the repetition of the loop button, we’ll sway to the infectious grooves that Alicia Lov confidently serves up.

We love how you manage to make a vulnerable moment a truly captivating one at the same time. Did you find the subject matter that you reiterate to us fairly easy to get onto paper, or was it more difficult tapping into the frame of mind?

I feel like it was honestly pretty easy to tap into what I needed to get this down on paper mostly because the situation I wrote about was happening around the same time as I wrote the song, so the frustration and hurt were pretty fresh when I went to turn it into a song. I find it’s easiest to write about what you’re feeling in that moment rather than trying to tap into something that happened in the past, however, there’s a lot in the past that I like writing about as well, but it can be more challenging.

At what point did you know that this personal experience would make for a brilliantly conceived song? What does it say about you as an individual and artist?

I actually had some writing sessions in the studio already booked so I was thinking about what story I wanted to tell, and this is something that so many girls go through so I wanted to write this story but with a more empowering vibe rather than a ballad style song. Depending on the day stories like this could easily be written as a ballad but my personality comes through in a lot of different ways and I was feeling fed up because I know I’m a bad bitch and I deserve better so that’s really the energy I wanted to bring. I think that speaks to my authenticity as a person and an artist because I like to just speak my mind through my music.

How do your musical and non-musical influences impact your sound as an artist?

My influences play a big part in creating my sound because when I see myself in another artist or in a song I’m listening to, it inspires me to tap into that side of me and see what might come out. Everyone has different parts that make up their personality and when you’re still young and getting to know yourself sometimes seeing other people doing something makes you realize wow that’s what I want to do like that’s me.

Do you have any words of advice for those out there going through a similar experience as the one you shine a light on in “Talk?"

Honestly, the best piece of advice I could give is that time heals all. regardless of how upset you might feel one day you’re gonna laugh about how heartbroken you were cause he really wasn’t worth the tears. But until that time comes just work on yourself whether it’s your health, your work, your social life it doesn’t matter but making the world yours really makes you feel powerful.

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