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A Look at Refined Rap Artist Hasani Yung

Hip/Hop rapper Hasani Yung is our spotlight artist of the day, and mainly due to the potential he holds artistically. Over the course of one year, we saw Hasani develop his music into a more smooth and cultivated sounding. It's safe to say that Hasani Yung is attempting to stir some talk within the predominant rap scene in music today. His sound is extremely raw, in the sense that it's completely stripped back and giving an unplugged sound, without it being unplugged. Hasani Yung strategically uses repetition to his advantage throughout his tracks, to keep the listener hooked into the familiar beat and styling.

We saw Hasani Yung release a few tracks during 2019, where each track consisted of that same familiar-sounding we mentioned earlier. It's quite obvious from the start of listening to Hasani Yung that he's still playing around with the vocal delivery to see what sticks. In tracks like "Important", the sound differs from what we've heard previously by Hasani. 2019 was the year Hasani Yung grew artistically and developed his sound around such growth. "Important" offers that elevated sounding with its collection of House/Rap production, and Hasani's strong vocal presence during the entirety of the track. When we listen to other tracks by Hasani, such as "TOO FINE", we see a clear pattern of his 2019 releases: catchy and well-defined. Hasani also doesn't just create meaningless rap tracks. Listening in on the underlying messages of tracks like "Important", you'll come to understand that Hasani has much more to offer from an artist standpoint. Considering how much Hasani Yung's sound grew this year, we're extremely interested to see how he continues that growth into 2020!

Listen to Hasani Yung's music here.

Hey Hasani Yung! It's awesome to have you here on BuzzMusic to talk about your artistry throughout 2019. Thanks for taking the time! How do you think 2019 has treated you and your music? Blessed to be back. Appreciate y'all.  2019 has treated me very good, gained lots of new fans around the world that I wouldn't even think of they are listening to my music. Definitely thankful for that. 

Let's talk about some of your releases in 2019. What release would you say was the most polished and refined, compared to other releases you came out within 2019? I would say the ' TOO FINE ' release really created a lot of waves for me this year. It was actually a song that I wasn't even thinking about releasing it at that time....but I ended up doing it anyway and people really just vibe with the song heavy and just the fact that People doing are videos enjoying the song, messaging me to tell how dope the song is from everywhere in the world especially people that don't even speak English is dope to me and that right there is priceless.

"Important" was one of our favorite tracks we saw from you this year. Can you share more on the meaning of this track to you, and how you felt it would resonate with listeners? The meaning of the track "Import" is your typical everyday rich life that we all least from my point of view. It resonates with the listeners because It's Just A real Song but yet a fun makes the listeners visualize the luxury of the cliche Important things in life which is Money, cars..etc. not what we need but what we feel me.

As a predominant Hip Hop/Rap artist, how do you find yourself keeping up with the constantly changing sound in the industry? Adapt is the keyword for me as an artist in the industry...Just adapting to new sounds...seeing what works and what doesn't, Not changing who you are as an artist but yet still in tune and aware with what's going on around you...and just really learning with all different types of sounds you know...I'm just a sponge...I soak it all up and then I use it to my advantage.

What's been the biggest lesson learned throughout 2019 for you, both artistically and personally? The biggest lesson I learned from 2019 is I gotta be ON IT and on top of things. Being consistent with creating and releasing.. and To create this vision and a have mindset ready for anything and everything....I stay ready so I ain't gotta get ready artistically and personally.  Have a tunnel vision that nobody can messed up or distract me and that I have to be 110% percent focus on my goal.

Thanks again Hasani Yung for speaking with us about your 2019! Now that 2020 is fast approaching, do you have any plans for how you're going to develop your artistry further? I Thank Yall - and yes I do. More singles. More Videos. More Features With different artists from different countries. Working on my EP and LP. I will definitely Top my 2019 with 2020. 2020 will be also a year to remember guarantee. Dat WAY TOP. Love.



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