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A look inside The Sayco Files New EP "Onward & Beyond"

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Your music is so unique and authentic. How would you describe your approach to music and your artistry? 

I see music and sound in general as a dimension that people can tap into for better or worse. Some use it to elevate people, most use it to brainwash them. Most of my music is dramatic like scenes in a movie. I just want to make people feel all kinds of things. I hate that the norm is to feel numb.

We really enjoyed your EP "Onward & Beyond"! What was the overall concept of this project? What do you hope that listeners take away from it? 

My whole life I’ve always been the kind of person to be able to feel everyone's pain around me as if it were my own. It’s like everybody is a piece of some grander puzzle. I just wanted to express some of the stories of people I know and ones of mine that are special to me. 

What have been the main changes you’ve noticed in the music industry within the time you’ve been making music?

Everything is always changing and always will be. I’ve been making music since I was 16 but didn’t really see it’s true potential of changing the world until I was older. I think a lot of people forget this and that’s why a lot of solo artists saturate the mainstream. Bands are a dying thing of the past although I wish they weren’t because I think the mere act of people coming together shows the world that there's still hope left for humanity. 

Do you think moving around during your childhood influenced your artistry? Why or Why not? 

Everything influences everything. It’s all connected. I’ve never really truly had one place to call home. I think that’s something to look into. 

You've impressively released a lot of original music this year! What keeps you on track to write so consistently?

I just feel like I’ve wasted so much of my younger life getting fucked up and not caring about the world that now that I’m older and more aware of what’s going on in it makes me want to change everything.

Thank you so much for chatting with us! We're really excited to follow your future musical endeavors. Can you shed some light on what might be next for you artistically?

I have no expectations for the future because it’s always changing. All I know is that I am tired of doing solo music and will put my energy into forming a band. 


Listen to The Sayco Files here.

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