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A Magical Artist with a Mystical Formula; Sam Louis

In this day and age of the music industry, artists need something that will help them stand out from their competitors. Especially since the market is constantly flooded with new music. Therefore, Sam Louis has his upper advantage when it comes to standing out. It's rare for artists to have the ability to infuse dreamy pop/Alt-rock records with layers of lyrical and emotional depth. Sam Louis is one of those artists while still getting you on your feet and onto the dance floor.

Sam Louis is an incredible artist and his musicality and mastery are unmatched. You can’t help but wonder how does he do it? The magic he put into his work-ethic to create sensational music is quite mesmerizing and the quality of his songs complements this. Sam Louis doesn’t have to do the most to capture an audience. He naturally does it the moment you hear his music, it’s so gravitating and compelling you just find yourself naturally absorbed to the sound. Sam Louis is truly a Gem that we’re blessed to have found. He is one of authenticity and a unique element to the music industry that we can’t help but admire. With two groundbreaking releases that demonstrate this, “Chasing The Rush”, and “This Love”. We’re almost guaranteed Sam Louis will be the name of the new year!

Listen to Sam Louis here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Sam Louis! What inspired you to pursue music? Do you recall any of your early influences or inspirations? Hey BuzzMusic, thanks for listening! My name is Sam Louis, I’m a local Toronto pop/alt-rock artist originally from Thunder Bay On. As a kid I was always influenced by music, whether it was Much ON Demand blaring in the background while I tried to break down Sloan and JET guitar solos or my mom singing and playing the piano while my grandfather played mandolin downstairs, music was all around me. Inspiration was never hard to find for me, I love writing and learning about what makes people tick. Music is medicine, it's something I always say. That’s my mission statement whenever I’m creating music. When I was growing up, music was a way for me to connect to a greater medium. Certain artists really resonated with me, from The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Michael Jackson, Bryan Adams, Eric Clapton…to Billy Talent, Sum 41 and Fall Out Boy. Music allowed me to escape if I needed to, hide, fight, love. It gave me courage and release, it's a healer, it's an answer if you have questions. It's so much and means so many different things to different people. I wanted to be apart of that, for as long as I can remember I've wanted to be apart of the movement that is music. If I can inspire/influence someone with one of my records, that's enough to keep me going.

Let’s talk more in-depth about your music! You released two groundbreaking singles this year. “Chasing The Rush” and “This Love”. Which do you think best represents you as an artist and why? Thanks so much, Chasing The Rush is a song that I’ve been wanting to write since I was a kid. I love its message and I think it really gives off the energy that you expect from it. This Love is more of an anthem that I and many of my listeners can stand by. It speaks more broadly than Chasing The Rush and I think it’s designed to reach further and give a more introspective look inside while still allowing more listeners to connect to it on an international scale.

What was your inspiration for writing “This Love”? In what ways were you able to personally relate to the lyrics behind this single? This Love is definitely one of the most emotional tracks I’ve released to date. The song was inspired by a past relationship that was inconsistent and chaotic. It’s almost a cry for help, even though the relationship is falling apart, the one thing that remains is the subconscious love we both shared. These lyrics poured out of me when I was working in Los Angeles with Shayan. They represent a weakness that I usually don’t get to show in my lyrics and that’s what I think makes This Love so relatable. It's the most vulnerable I’ve ever been on a record, an anthem about not giving up on something you believe in.

What has been the most exciting moment of your career so far and in what ways has it pushed you to continue forward? One of the most exciting moments of my career was being nominated for a Toronto Independent Music Award last year. It was a big honor and a great assurance that the music we’re creating is finally being heard by the public. As an artist, I find the best moments are when your music has these opportunities to reach new ears and your sound begins to spread wider than you could have previously imagined.

Your video to “This Love” was amazing! How was the creative process behind it? Means a lot, I’m honored you like the video. The filming experience for This Love felt like something from a movie. It was a little different this time around than my last music videos. Usually, I’m flying out to Los Angeles to film/work with my sister's production company SPACED VISUALS, but this time we kept the filming back home, up north here in Canada. The team on This Love was out of this world, It was filmed by the talented Aj Astle of Roadhouse Productions, getting to have a video as important as this one filmed on home turf was pretty amazing. We filmed at 3 beautiful locations throughout Toronto, my favorite scene to shoot, which also was the hardest to clean up afterward was the shower scene… After gathering the footage we needed here in Canada we then sent the shots off to Los Angeles where Jordan Lundsford and Angelica edited and pieced it all together. This Love was the first video of mine to get a full international collaboration, they’ll definitely be more to come.

What can we expect from you Sam Louis in 2020? This 2019/2020 year is going to be a big developmental one. I’ve been working with many producers and artists this summer writing and creating new music and we’re currently in the process of bringing it all to life. We’re working hard at building a cohesive and unified sound across the board. We just had a big release showdown in Los Angeles and we’re gearing up for another big show in my hometown of Thunder Bay this Christmas. The new year will bring a new second single that will definitely get you in a more groovy mood. There are also about 5 other songs currently in development that will be featured in an all-new ep, all pouring out later this 2020.


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