A Magical Artist with a Mystical Formula; Sam Louis

In this day and age of the music industry, artists need something that will help them stand out from their competitors. Especially since the market is constantly flooded with new music. Therefore, Sam Louis has his upper advantage when it comes to standing out. It's rare for artists to have the ability to infuse dreamy pop/Alt-rock records with layers of lyrical and emotional depth. Sam Louis is one of those artists while still getting you on your feet and onto the dance floor.

Sam Louis is an incredible artist and his musicality and mastery are unmatched. You can’t help but wonder how does he do it? The magic he put into his work-ethic to create sensational music is quite mesmerizing and the quality of his songs complements this. Sam Louis doesn’t have to do the most to capture an audience. He naturally does it the moment you hear his music, it’s so gravitating and compelling you just find yourself naturally absorbed to the sound. Sam Louis is truly a Gem that we’re blessed to have found. He is one of authenticity and a unique element to the music industry that we can’t help but admire. With two groundbreaking releases that demonstrate this, “Chasing The Rush”, and “This Love”. We’re almost guaranteed Sam Louis will be the name of the new year!

Listen to Sam Louis here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Sam Louis! What inspired you to pursue music? Do you re