A MUST HEAR: Flow&Hustle’s Newest Hard-Hitting Single “Hustle&Flow”

BuzzMusic presents the unique and eclectic stylings of Flow&Hustle! Hailing from the UK’s south coast, these guys bring the grit and edge of underground hip-hop and fuse it with the soulful energy of alternative music. Flow&Hustle’s explosive sound is created by Irrelevance spitting emotive poetry for the mind and soul, The Wizard laying down intense bass, DDRumz delivering ferocious beats on the kit AND providing harmonies and smooth melodies and last but not least, G-Radio launching insane riffs and solos to bend your brain, he weaves melody and harmony as naturally as his lungs breathe.

Fresh off the release of their self titled EP, Flow&Hustle are a must hear! We had the pleasure of checking out this EP and my favorite track has to be “Hustle&Flow”. This track expertly weaves through elements of alternative rock layered with powerful hip-hop verses. “Hustle&Flow” is a meaningful track about the motions that we all go through in life. We work our asses off and it’s hard to see the big picture. These guys get it, they know that all their blood, sweat and tears is not for naught. Not only are they self aware, but extremely talented. Flow&Hustle exude an undeniable confidence and grit throughout the entire track. Flow&Hustle remain modest but these guys have big things coming! I highly recommend you check out “Hustle&Flow” and the rest of the hard-hitting EP. 

Listen to “Hustle&Flow” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!