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A MUST HEAR: Flow&Hustle’s Newest Hard-Hitting Single “Hustle&Flow”

BuzzMusic presents the unique and eclectic stylings of Flow&Hustle! Hailing from the UK’s south coast, these guys bring the grit and edge of underground hip-hop and fuse it with the soulful energy of alternative music. Flow&Hustle’s explosive sound is created by Irrelevance spitting emotive poetry for the mind and soul, The Wizard laying down intense bass, DDRumz delivering ferocious beats on the kit AND providing harmonies and smooth melodies and last but not least, G-Radio launching insane riffs and solos to bend your brain, he weaves melody and harmony as naturally as his lungs breathe.

Fresh off the release of their self titled EP, Flow&Hustle are a must hear! We had the pleasure of checking out this EP and my favorite track has to be “Hustle&Flow”. This track expertly weaves through elements of alternative rock layered with powerful hip-hop verses. “Hustle&Flow” is a meaningful track about the motions that we all go through in life. We work our asses off and it’s hard to see the big picture. These guys get it, they know that all their blood, sweat and tears is not for naught. Not only are they self aware, but extremely talented. Flow&Hustle exude an undeniable confidence and grit throughout the entire track. Flow&Hustle remain modest but these guys have big things coming! I highly recommend you check out “Hustle&Flow” and the rest of the hard-hitting EP. 

Listen to “Hustle&Flow” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!


Hey guys! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by introducing yourselves and tell us a little bit about your upbringing into music?

Irrelevance - Carl

‘I grew up with my grandparents and uncle so I was exposed to a wide range of music as a child. From Shirley Bassey to the Sex Pistols. But I can remember hearing rap verses from early 90s dance tunes that really interested me. Rap and hip hop was far from mainstream at that time but I knew I liked what I heard. The flows and rhyme structures. I remember Coolio and Gangsters Paradise being one of the earliest rap songs in the charts. At the age of about 13 I found a Slick Rick tape at a car boot sale, and my life changed from that moment. I started writing lyrics but it wasn’t until my early 20’s that I actually recorded anything. And formed a rap group called lyrical monsoon with a friend (Daytripper mc). We started making beats on a laptop and later eventually formed a band, making music together for over 10 years.

G-radio - Giles

‘I was brought up listening to the classics of the 60’s and 70’s but it wasn’t until my late teens that I started playing guitar and getting that rush of excitement. Being inspired by the clever experimentation and innovative guitar riffs that pushed the boundaries of conventional popular music. Drawing on bands like Incubus and Rage Against The Machine inspired me to push my own music to the next level.

My first band was actually with our very own drummer, and I remember our first gig - I was so excited about being onstage! Halfway through the set I turned my amp up because I couldn’t hear myself - I didn’t understand stage etiquette back then! I still love the feeling of taking a guitar out of the case, whether it’s electric or acoustic, and playing simple riffs and chords. Flow&Hustle is such a good band to be a part of as there are no egos, and we are all free to put our own spin on tracks; everything we do is a collaboration of different styles and backgrounds, and I really enjoy that.’

The Wizard - Merv

‘Probably like a lot of bass players I started off playing guitar.

My dad brought me my first bass guitar when I was about 15 so I could play with my brother and sisters band (yes I come from a musical family). 

From then on bass became my main instrument and I gained experience playing live and recording in many bands of different styles over the years. From Folk, Rock to Hardcore Metal.

This has given me a wide range of playing styles and influences to bring to Flow&Hustle.’

D-D-Rumz - Kristian

‘Hey, so I’ve been playing the drums longer than I care to remember drumming is my trade my life and I wouldn’t change that for a second. I can’t actually imagine what I’d be doing for work if there wasn’t music?! (probably just cry in a corner somewhere)

For the past 4 years I’ve been away on a theatre tour and although this was an amazing life experience it kinda sucks after a while playing someone else’s music night in night out. Joining Flow&Hustle has given me back that creative spark again and we are just writing music like savages at the moment, who know’s when its gonna stop?

Drum heroes? Hmm that’s a hard one, I’d have to say probably…. all of them and hopefully that comes across in my playing.

I also took on the challenge of producing and mixing our EP and this was a big learning curve for me, I’d done a bit of production in the past but nothing that was going to be put out on a worldwide platforms. Overall I think everyone’s is pretty pleased with the results and it’s given me the itch to do some more so watch this space!’

What’s the meaning behind “Hustle&Flow”? What inspired you to write this track?

Irrelevance - 

‘I remember the first time Kris played the drum parts he had for Hustle&Flow. I was inspired instantly to grab my pen and paper “we flow we hustle in the bustle stay dark and raw” was the first line I wrote and the first verse was written there and then. The 1st verse is more a twang at the world or more England and its government. But ultimately it felt like I was back in the game instantly after a couple of years out of the music scene. I went home with the track recorded on my phone and wrote verse 2 and 3 that evening. Manically scribbling all the thoughts that had come into my head in the practice room. The track goes on to reference my exit from making music with my previous band. And how I got married traveled a little bit and made a home with my wife. So really the track is written solely from my point of view about life, music and a journey. Flowing over beats and hustling through life. 

From an artist’s perspective, what’s your favorite part of “Hustle&Flow”?

We each have personal favourite parts of Hustle&Flow, but as a band we really like the hip hop vibe to a chilled guitar riff that builds over a really strong beat to a chorus that moves the song to a completely different feel. There’s a lot going on throughout the song, and it takes more than one listen to really hear the subtle changes that happen all the way through the track. We like that, because the more you hear it, the more you get out of it.

Your intense energy is clear through the speakers but what is your stage presence like?

‘You literally cannot capture the presence and energy we have on stage in any studio with any producer in the world. We feed off the energy of the crowd whether it’s one person listening intently to the bars or hundreds of people bouncing at the same time. We shine on stage!!’

What’s the overall theme of your self titled EP?

‘As a band we would say that overall theme of our self titled EP is a showcase of the differences between the smooth chill of the flow and the hectic excitement of the hustle. The experimenting of the essence of the band can be heard through the EP, and with that the blending of the fast paced punk vibes and the cool focused hip hop vibes. This EP is called Flow&Hustle because, simply, this is Flow&Hustle.’


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