A New Groovy Tune by A Few Blind Mice

A Few Blind Mice is an indie rock band from Dubuque, IA. What started out as a duo quickly expanded to the full 5 piece that they are today. Their sound can be described as soulful classic rock revival with blues and jazz influences with sounds you’ve never heard before! A unique sound and a unique band, they are bringing something real to the table. A Few Blind Mice is signed to EverPlast Music and has been active since 2014. Sharing their latest single, “Pride Before the Fall”.

This song has a really cool retro feel. We can’t help but get up and boogie down to this track. Everything about it bleeds and screams indie blues and rock! There’s a groovy bounce to this song that makes your head bop. And then the lead singer, a chick woo-hoo girl power! She’s got that raspy tangy sound like Amy Winehouse. We really can’t help but like this song. From what sounds like a banjo, to the drums, to the strings, to the guitar, we just have so much love for a great composed track. Standing ovation!

Listen to "Pride Before The Fall" by A Few Blind Mice here