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A New Groovy Tune by A Few Blind Mice

A Few Blind Mice is an indie rock band from Dubuque, IA. What started out as a duo quickly expanded to the full 5 piece that they are today. Their sound can be described as soulful classic rock revival with blues and jazz influences with sounds you’ve never heard before! A unique sound and a unique band, they are bringing something real to the table. A Few Blind Mice is signed to EverPlast Music and has been active since 2014. Sharing their latest single, “Pride Before the Fall”.

This song has a really cool retro feel. We can’t help but get up and boogie down to this track. Everything about it bleeds and screams indie blues and rock! There’s a groovy bounce to this song that makes your head bop. And then the lead singer, a chick woo-hoo girl power! She’s got that raspy tangy sound like Amy Winehouse. We really can’t help but like this song. From what sounds like a banjo, to the drums, to the strings, to the guitar, we just have so much love for a great composed track. Standing ovation!

Listen to "Pride Before The Fall" by A Few Blind Mice here

Hello all! Care to introduce yourselves to our readers?

Hey there! We are A Few Blind Mice, a 5 piece indie band from Dubuque, IA. Our project started as a duet in 2014.

Can you tell us about your careers in the music industry?

We all come from different backgrounds in the music scene. Our vocalist, Emily, has been competitively singing since elementary school and sings with our local orchestra occasionally. Our guitarist, Ty, is in instrument repair and is a guitar instructor. Ted, our bass player, has been a gigging musician since the 80s and is a poet. Ray, our drummer, started his music career in the drum core and can play about any style. Last, but not least, we have Willy, who is still a student and is currently in his schools orchestra program.

How would you describe a typical day in the studio with the band?

A day in the studio varies depending on which song we are recording. It's important to really feel what we play, otherwise you cant expect anyone else to. We always try to be precise and efficient in the studio but make sure to leave some space to be creative and jam when its needed.

What inspired “Pride Before the Fall”?

Pride Before The Fall is about people who are their own worst enemy, but don't know it yet. The inspiration comes from a multitude of personalities that have caused their own downfall, and how easy it is to do that yourself without realizing it. 

Did you face any challenges in the creation process of the song? How'd you overcome this?

We had the great opportunity to play this song with the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra, which was amazing! The only problem was that when they asked us for a recording we where in the middle of laying it down. We didn't have a final mix yet, so time was against us all of a sudden to get a polished track finished. We quickly overcame that though with a tremendous amount of coffee and more than a few late nights.

Who are your greatest musical influences? how have they shaped the band?

We all have very different inspirations in this band, which we think is an advantage. I think everyone looks at our music from a different angle and can hear a lot of different things in it. We could make a list 10 pages long with all of the musicians the 5 of us get inspired from, but to keep it short I'll  say this; we love jazz, we love blues, we love all the weird stuff in between, but most of all we love to rock.

What's next for the band in 2019?

We are currently recording our second album, which will be self-titled. In the upcoming year we are trying to book more festivals, something we haven't done in the past. We are keeping our eyes open for any opportunities that come our way. Our motto is to always stay busy. If you're staying busy, you're doing something right.


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