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A New Label Is Taking Over With Album “Old Money” by Octavious Binion

Octavious Binion released a promising album titled “Old Money”. Each track on this project warrants its place on the album with its own unique elements that make it a stand-out hit. Octavious Binion sticks to the culture of hip-hop albums with a nice intro that gets you anxious and prepared for this project as a whole. Octavious Binion transitions from the intro into “Go Crazy”. “Go Crazy” had a smooth fusion in the production of the beat between contemporary trap and melodic rap, blending together two popular styles in current hip-hop that’s taking over the game. “Status” hits you like a wrecking ball just like a club banger. The song has a catchy hook with a smashing beat, keeping your energy transitioning from a wavy ride to a hard-hitting head bop. “I’m Gucci” was one of my personal favorites. This song had a contagious hook that radiated the energy onto its listener. It’s one of those hooks that becomes instilled into your memories like super glue. You find yourself repeating the hook over and over, later on, keeping yourself in the hyped-up mood the song placed you in the beginning.

“Yo Moe Shit” kept the grit and rough delivery consistent with the album. This shows the label’s overall style and flavor as a whole, giving us a good insight into who they are which is highly important and should be the formula for creating a full-length album like this. “Risky” was a song that I feel would garner a great buzz behind it due to the detailed vocal production that’s popular in today’s music. It has elements of autotune alongside very contemporary melodic hip-hop components that the youth is absorbing. “Network” had raw lyricism to match its authentic vibe with a hard-hitting approach to the cadence. The lyrics set off a bonafide vibration through the song that really compels and drives the listener into the album.

“Suavity” was more of a canorous club vibe that you can see many people dancing and catching smooth zen to. I think the addition of “Suavity” in this album was highly important because it gives the project versatility and shows a more vibrant dynamic as opposed to the other records on this album. I absolutely loved the beat in “Camp Shit” because it really represented the underground hip-hop that we fall immensely in love with. This album as a whole is filled with bangers, thought-provoking lyrics, and hard-hitting deliveries that shows us why this label isn’t approaching the game lightly! You can listen to “Old Money” here!


Welcome to BuzzMusic! Tell us about this album “Old Money”. What inspired the name behind it? When I was a little boy I had a shoebox that I always threw dollars in even 20s and hundreds if I got them occasionally on my birthday I’ll probably have the box for almost 10 years so by the time I got older it was considered old money and that’s what inspired the name of this album. What was the major theme you had for this project?

Whatever it took to get the money by any means necessary. Which songs from “Old Money” do you feel best represented the album’s theme?

If I had to pick a song I would have to say the song would be risky but really I have a few songs on here that I feel like represents the album I just can’t pick one I have a few because it’s a compilation album, not a solo album or a solo mixtape is a label album with every artist from our label on it. What were some of the challenges you had to overcome when creating “Old Money”?

Going broke and getting it back lose the artist gaining new artists dealing with Egos deal with different personalities. How would you describe the songwriting approach towards some of the records in “Old Money”? To get the attention of the fans and let them know that we have arrived. What’s next for this rising label?

sg solo has a mixtape coming out dolo da god has an ep coming out an lo lo has an r&b ep coming out.



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