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A New Take on Gentle Dance Pop Anthem by Aalta

AALTA is a musical production brought to you right out of Los Angeles. This collective duo is composed of writer Daniel Pashman and Grammy award-winning producer Rich Jacques. Both are highly talented with a lot to prove, AALTA aims to portray these musicians’ experiences with a unique collaboration of new talent. Being open to the influences of other musicians, AALTA creates a sound like no other. One that is appealing to the masses for its intricate and accessible sounds to its modern unpredictability. 

“Now Gonna Take You Back” is a lovely rendition of toxic relationships. Much of today’s artists focus on the love and joy of being with another. This song aims to explore the flip side and emphasize how healthy and empowering it can be to leave the wrong partner. “Sometimes you need to walk away”. Loving these relatable themes and dreamy chorus'! “Not Gonna Take You Back” features local singer-songwriter Griff Clawson from Newport Beach, California. The combo creates a slick and laid back track-inspired with indie alternative pop and electronic influences. An on-point track from AALTA that is soulful and infectious. 

Listen to "Not Gonna Take You Back" here.

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