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A Prevailing New Rock Single "Dirty Dog" From Jane N' The Jungle

Strap yourself in for a wild and hard-hitting journey that is the song "Dirty Dog" by Jane N' The Jungle. Rock band Jane N' The Jungle is made up of Jordan White, Brian Dellis, and "Big B." Based in Phoenix, AZ, Jane N' The Jungle uses classic rock melodies, in-your-face guitar, and animated lyrics to convey their message.

Produced by Chuck Alkazian, Jane N' The Jungle's latest single, "Dirty Dog," is a fearless and energetic rock single. The band describes the song as having a strong message and an unforgettable story.

"Dirty Dog" is immediately ear-catching and intense, with a heavy emphasis on guitar that sweeps you off your feet into the song's core. This high energy echoes in the vocals, where Jordan White gives a powerful performance with her gritty and angsty voice. Her personal connection to the song comes out in the way that her blazing vocals deliver the lines.

Jane N' The Jungle is advocating for taking charge of your experiences and not letting people who grossly mistreat you have the power. After a sexual assault, songwriter Jordan White rewrites her narrative and uses that fire as fuel for her creative outlet.

She sings "big fish in a small pond, never felt like I belonged" to intimately describe an isolating experience. From impassioned vocals to spunky guitar, "Dirty Dog" leaves you feeling purposeful and in control of your own life.

Check out "Dirty Dog" by Jane N' The Jungle now, available on all streaming platforms.

It's a pleasure having you on BuzzMusic, Jane N' The Jungle! What was the creation process like for "Dirty Dog," and how did working with producer Chuck Alkazian help your vision come to life?

Thank you for having us! We always enjoy working with you and your team and appreciate all your support for our music! DIRTY DOG came to fruition after hanging out at a dive bar in PHX with Ayron Jones, talking about a past personal assault and how it made me feel like a "Dirty Dog." Most of the keywords were written on a napkin that night. The band had a demo recording of the song before we went into the studio, so we had a pretty good idea of where we wanted to go with it. Chuck helped tighten it up and brought the song to life while working with him in the studio.

What was your experience writing about a deeply personal topic such as sexual assault? Were there any struggles that came with releasing "Dirty Dog" to the public?

It was hard to talk about. I am still trying to figure out the narrative and how to explain the situation. I knew it was going to throw a lot of people off as it's a distasteful subject. I figured if I were to tell my story and it resonated with at least one person, making them feel not alone, that it was worth it. I feel like it's a topic most people don't know how to talk about. Releasing this song during the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial was tough because no one wanted to hear about sexual assault during that time, and it made it even harder to talk about it. I think making people feel comfortable opening up and sharing their stories is a good start, and that it's not about the assaulter but more about our experience and what we had to overcome, and that is what Dirty Dog is about, owning your faults and falling in love with the stronger person you've become.

When it comes to creating a cohesive sound that highlights all three musicians' talents of Jane N' The Jungle, what drew you to each other? What helps your collaboration work so effectively?

I think that is part of the magic of working in a band and as a team. There is special musical chemistry and vibe we all share together. Patience and respect for one another are a big factor in what makes our band work so effectively and have helped get us to where we are today.

Who are some artists that inspire you and keep you motivated? How do you use your inspirations and mold them into your unique and tenacious sound? What's next for you?

It motivates us to see bands that have been working hard for a long time finally getting their headline and festival tours, making us believe that it could happen for us too. We try to be inspired organically, so our sound is true to ourselves and doesn't sound like anyone else. I'm sure you can find little pieces of inspiration or influences, but that's really never the starting point for us. It's more about the emotion, vibe, and story we are trying to convey. We will be releasing a couple more singles off our upcoming EP and can't wait for you guys to hear! We will be rocking at the Troubadour on July 22nd. Get your TIX.

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