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A Profound Performance Allows Us to Tap Into Mads Deaver's Head Space with, "I Forgive You"

As a creative who transforms her real-life experiences into carefully crafted lyrics, Los Angeles based Mads Deaver has been chasing music for most of her life. Mads carries an unmatchable work ethic and works hands-on with the producers she collaborates with to perfect each message she has to get across, and each sound she gives listeners a taste of.

Mads Deaver’s sound fuses together fresh Indie Pop elements with a reminiscent blend of 80’s GarageBand and Ska. Her honest and quirky lyrics scripted allow her true personality to shine bright as she gives her rapidly growing fan base a memorable, tongue-in-cheek ambiance that listeners can easily relate to and belt at the top of their lungs.

“I Forgive You” openly creates an ambiance of longing and lost love with the deep and harmonious keys that shine in the composition. Mads Deaver has a striking, heavenly voice that glimmers with reverberations as she shares her story of heartbreak and despair. In this eminent record, she is coming to terms with the one that she has lost. She delicately acknowledges the faults in the connection that were once shared with one another and openly forgave this significant person that was once in her life in this letter like song.

The way that the instrumentation supports the warm embrace of Mads Deaver’s performance seamlessly blends the components together in such an effortless manner. You can hear the burning passion behind her vocals in the emotion-filled performance that is exuded. You are instantly tapped into a headspace that you can share with her as the artist and with yourself as the listener through this sonic voyage that paints a unique visual picture on a blank canvas.

Mads Deaver’s enactment of this life experience is nothing short of astounding. As she continues to garner attention from listeners all over, we look forward to following her genre-fusing journey as an artist.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Mads Deaver, and congratulations on the release of “I Forgive You.” The passion that shines through in this record has such a magnetic appeal. Could you please tell us, what does this song mean to you as an artist?

Thank you for including me in BuzzMusic. It's exciting to be a part of such a cool community of Independent Artists. "I Forgive You" is an extremely important song to me because it's about forgiveness for others and also for yourself so that you can heal and move on after a relationship has ended. I wrote this song as a mechanism to help me get through everything I was feeling while I was trying to understand why relationships don't always work out in the end and to get to a place where I felt more like myself again.

What was the ambiance like in the studio session when you recorded “I Forgive You?"

The ambiance was very different when I recorded I Forgive You because we were in SUPER quarantine mode at the time and it was literally just me alone in a room. Usually, there are other people in the studio with different ideas for what you can say or what it should sound like and there are other conversations happening at the same time. This experience was honestly really sad and hard because I was alone and was able to feel everything that I had been holding in. I think that's what makes this song even more personal because it's 100% my truth without any other perspectives.

What message would you like listeners to take away from this heartfelt song?

The message that I would like everyone to take away from this song is that break-ups suck and it's okay to be hurt and angry and feel the need to point fingers because it is a natural reaction. It's important to understand that in order to really move on and heal you have to forgive them and yourself. It's also important to realize that sometimes relationships just have to end for the sake of everyone involved.

How different was the creative process for this song versus others that you have crafted?

The creative process was extremely different from my last 3 songs because I let myself be vulnerable, which I'm not used to doing. My other songs have been about self-empowerment and not needing anyone to feel good about myself. This was the first time where I took a step back and was like "Hey, it's okay to be sad and miss them. You don't have to be so "F" the world all the time."

What has been keeping you inspired this year? What can we expect to see next from you, as we enter a new year?

So much has kept me inspired this year. I feel like I've had a lot of time to reflect and I've gotten to see who is really here to support me and who is not. It's hard to do but it definitely lit a fire. You can expect LOTS of new music from me this year. I'm working on a holiday song to come out soon and I just started working on my EP with producers from the UK and the US that I am hoping to have out in early 2021.



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