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A Psychedelic Pop Ride with Glotis

The ever-changing genre we like to call "pop" goes by many other names and while it goes through growth spurts in different directions, there are artists that take advantage of having an independence to do something new. The self-titled album release from Glotis is most certainly an outstanding example of how to utilize this independence. Stylish vocals birthed from emotion, and a combination of flashy indie pop and dream pop production with more than all the bells and whistles. The record opens with one of its singles dubbed "Lola". The track starts off as something of a pop ballad and swirls into synth-pop crossed with dubstep and building percussion. With all going on in this song, it's the vocals you become addicted to most. While seemingly laid back, "Lola" packs a punch and shows some of the soul of this album. As this one track is only a taste of the full record, it does represent what's to be expected to an extent. Put that way only because from song to song, you really won't know what to expect. Even if you think you do. Glotis is loaded with delightful surprises and all sorts of fun. This album is a must for any indie-pop fan out there. 


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