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A Psychedelic Trip With Mitch & Millie’s Adaptation Of “White Rabbit”

This is one trippy song. Mitch & Millie melds the past with the present in their cover of Jefferson Airplane’s "White Rabbit." Talk about stunning visuals and an exciting version of the classic song.

True serendipity was what originated Mitch & Millie. Mitch & Millie were created when a couple found a common interest. They later spent their time creating and curating a sound that merges the past and present through spectacular interpretations and cover tunes.

Mitchell Kaneff of The Young Presidents was prepared to go on his next musical journey after a highly successful ten-year stint that included three albums and multiple Grammy nominations. At that point, Kaneff learned that his partner Amelia Leigh Gaw also believed in boosting the human spirit and establishing new connections through music.

Mitch & Millie are a dynamic duo with original ideas. Being able to incorporate creative songs that will appeal to listeners of all ages makes this truly distinctive in the present musical landscape. The Lewis Carrol classic served as the inspiration for the song "White Rabbit," which is a journey through the looking glass into a psychedelic world.

While Mitch strums an addictive tune, Millie takes the lead with her captivating vocals that ensnare listeners in a dizzying hallucination of vivid colors. With lavish outfits, cosmetics, and alien set designs, the music video vividly depicts the skewed reality.

It is a true monument to Mitch & Millie's artistic creativity and capacity to create a novel cover of a song that embodied a historical period. Your mind might just get a bit distorted when listening to this straight-up banger.

Stream Mitch & Millie's rendition of "White Rabbit" today, available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Mitch & Millie, and congratulations on your latest release, "White Rabbit." Can you start by telling our readers how you both find the inspiration to work together in music?

We found the inspiration during the lockdown in March 2020. Music made us both so happy, so we felt our time was well spent, practicing almost every night for months on end. A friend of ours asked us to perform our first show at his outdoor birthday party in October 2020, so we were even more inspired to put on a great show in front of our friends. It grew from that moment once we saw how people were enjoying our music and wanted more!

How would you describe the creative process behind the video of your version of "White Rabbit?"

Our friend Anthony Giles was our creative director behind the White Rabbit video. Leading up to the shoot, Mitchell and I were only given a few hints of what was being created for the event and how the story would go. Once the day came, we did three different looks and told our version and story of Alice In Wonderland. Mitchell and I said “yes” to whatever it was Anthony had envisioned for the shoot. It was an easy and seamless project.

Can you tell us a bit more about what inspired you to take the challenge to adapt Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit? What does “White Rabbit” mean to you?

Our inspiration to do "White Rabbit" came as it was extremely challenging to perform. It was one of the first songs we were rehearsing during the beginning of the lockdown. Practicing it every day, we soon realized it sounded great and added our own little twist to make it our own.

What's next for you?

"White Rabbit" is all about being curious, taking a chance, and following the unknown while being open to adventure – and that’s where Mitch & Millie are right now: Open to adventure!


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