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A Raw Lyricist With An Aggressive Delivery, H6Z100 In “100”

H6Z100 is a lyrical assassin who grew up in the 90’s hip-hop era & has seen the evolution that has taken place. He’s been heavily influenced by artists such as Nas, Eminem, 2pac, Biggie Smalls, and more. He’s the real deal who story tells. He drops bars, not hits!

H6Z100 released his single titled “100” and although he claims he doesn’t aim to create hits, it’s just something that naturally occurs. Especially with a single like “100”, H6Z100 could potentially doubt the amount of potential he actually has. Not only is he a lyricist, but he also has the mainstream appeal and sound that will leave you breathless. His delivery is hard-hitting while his flow is impeccable. He gives you this aggressive punch with each bar seeding into your brain because the lyrics are purely raw and bonafide. There’s not a lot of rappers like H6Z100 whose out right now and this gives him a major advantage. There’s a significant amount of swag and mumble rappers, but who is going to give us punchlines? The rapid deliveries? The energy? At this rate, seems like H6Z100 is one of the only doing it at the moment! And if he isn’t? Well, we can guarantee that his level of skills and the caliber at which he is upheld at will become beneficial to him as an artist in the game.

Listen to “100” here and get to know more about H6Z100 below!

What’s up H6Z100! Mind telling us a bit about your background? Where are you from? 

First off I’m from a small town in Michigan. Ypsilanti,Mi the home of Dominoes pizza and Eastern Michigan University. I was raised in a great town by loving parents that were deeply involved in the church I was kind of a smart guy in school that converted to street life in my older years and got into music seriously in my teenage years

Considering you grew up a big hip-hop head, what’s your opinion on the current state of rap music in today’s generation? In what ways does it impact your artistry and sound?

I feel like the current state of the rap game with this new wave is full of talent. The downfall is I think that its misleading to the youth because of all the negative topics spoken of in song with no content of greatness that can be revealed. For the most part I’m not saying all artist do this just most of the content is negative but even with that being said it’s a lot of talent out here nowadays. The ways that impacts my music is it challenges me to be more versatile and enables me to be different than other artist.

What is the meaning and main theme behind your single “100”?

100 is actually a song I wrote for one of my dead homies Hunnet100. He got killed in 2010. The theme is all based off his life. When writing it I asked myself “How would Hunnet write this song?” But at the same time I still kept my lyrics intact to joe he would write it

What were some challenges you may have faced creating this single and how did you overcome them?

Challenges I had creating this song were.... I had no challenges 

What’s next for you H6Z100?

Next for me is completing and finishing my Came From Money mixtape/ep series, doing mixtape series for my label Unique Detwah Ent, and doing a couple featured mixtape series’s..... BloodLine with Lil D’rick , Deadpool meets Childsplay with ChiTownLani and Present meets Future with Jae Wade. Albums coming soon.


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