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A Sneak Peek Into Indoor Model's New Track “Nothing I Wanna Do”

February 16, 2020

Ethan Kershner, 21 years old, presents Indoor Model, a musical project that is self-written and produced. This is his second album release, both of which he created and produced. Ethan is based in Ohio, where he creates and writes all his own music. “Nothing I Wanna Do” from Indoor Model has a 90s rock feel to it, with ambiguous lyrics and soft, distorted vocals. Kershner has added sound effects onto his vocals to provide an echo and to add a mysterious element to the song. The verses jump from idea to idea; this effect serves to increase the mystery. The title line, “There’s Nothing I Wanna Do”, is frequently repeated in the chorus and projects an almost sorrowful emotion.

The unpredictable theme of the song is what gives it a unique feel and distinguishes it from typical rock songs. The melody is somber and melancholic.  This approach parallels some of the one-line lyrics in the song. Underlying the lyrics and vocals are simple acoustics, with a short, repetitive guitar riff. Ethan Kershner’s production abilities are projected through “Nothing I Wanna Do”, and no doubt the rest of his LP “Indoor Model”.

Listen to "Nothing I Wanna Do" here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ethan Kershner! It was great to listen to “Nothing I Wanna Do”! How did the process for this particular song begin? Did you come up with a lyrical idea, melody, or instrumentation first? Do you find one easier than the others?

"Nothing I Wanna Do" started with the chorus melody and the phrase "there's nothing I wanna do". More often than not I find it easier starting a song musically, but when I have a lyrical or melodic idea from the start the song seems to come to me a lot faster.

Can you elaborate on some of your lyrics in “Nothing I Wanna Do?” For example, “Did you think that someone had their eye on you/If it hasn’t killed me then it’s going to”. What message do you want to convey with this release?

That line came from the idea of everyone wanting to be desired, or looked at, or noticed. That constant motivation to be wanted could eventually be someone's downfall.

Is it important for you to have all your music self-produced and self-written? Would you consider collaborating with other musicians in the future?

I wouldn't say it's important, for the time being making records alone has been the most efficient way for me to execute my vision. I am absolutely open to collaborating with other musicians.

Do you typically stay in one genre of music production, or do you like to switch it up and try different styles?

I try to switch it up from record to record, and even song to song sometimes. Every track is usually done with a different type of production, and the style of the song is usually just decided by the initial feeling I get from that writing session.

What can we expect to see next from you throughout 2020?

More promotion for the "Martha Street" album and another full-length LP is in the works with plans of release at the end of the year.



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