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A Soiree of Pop with The Amy Incident

The Amy Incident has begun paving their way in the pop arena with their single "Boston". An acoustic guitar-driven completely addictive pop song with all the bells and whistles you could want from such a track. Playing out like a sing-along, the chorus and melodies certainly catch on quite fast and you find yourself humming it along later in the day. With plenty of artists focusing on creating during a time of quarantine, there is a slew of different cross-genre songwriting all over the place, so it's nice to hear a straight-up pop song. Like a breath of fresh air, "Boston" hits that summertime spot. The single is part of the full-length self-titled The Amy Incident album which seems to bring pop-punk, rock, and emo into the mix with songs like "Jessy Pomeroy/Jessica Chiba" and "Sand". Any fan of pop-rock will enjoy this record and this single. 


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