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A Song for the Moment, Sam Hustle Gives Us "Turn up (Feat. Blaqday)"

Take our advice and crank it up on Sam Hustle's latest release, "Turn Up (feat. BlaqDay)." Rapping with mystery and prowess, the lyrics dominate this track touting a world domination vibe. Coming to us from Sanford, North Carolina, Sam Hustle has been busy traveling the world, making music, and connecting with fellow artists worldwide to discover their underlying musical strengths. A true believer in knowing your art's worth, Sam aims to educate others on their amazing gifts.

We love the hip hip aura on "Turn Up," and the notes of EDM synths Sam has incorporated into the track give the record a unique spin on your 'conventional' hip hop song. The energy Sam Hustle creates through his rhymes incorporates a serious and important theme, yet his honest rhymes wash over you with a calming, reassuring touch. Verses like "I do it for nights I was broke and had nothing," and "holding that heater tight, rollin' that refer just to calm my mind," give an honest account of the hurdles Sam Hustle has overcome. His dedication to creating meaningful rhymes and his purpose for which he makes music showcases true artistry. We loved "Turn Up," and we think you will too.

Hello Sam Hustle and welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved your latest release "Turn Up." Can you tell our listeners a bit more about the meaning behind the song? Well, it put me in a zone to just talk about things that was happening at that time. 

"Turn Up" features a classic hip hop beat but incorporates EDM tones and synths, we loved that addition, it really made the track stand out. Do you typically experiment with different soundscapes when creating a project?

Yes very much so I love creating music. You mentioned you enjoy connecting with other artists and celebrating their amazing gifts. What has the local community of music meant to you and your music? That’s a tricky one I traveled making a lot of this music thinking of my community. And where am at now that town built me to grow. Can you tell our listeners about what truly inspires you and why you strive so high in your artistic creations?

Godlike moves of the many gifts he has giving me makes me want to create every day and making people feel good if I can tell a story that make people feel good I done my job. Now that’s artistic creation (Check out Area 1009 a group I’m involved in HipHop vibe).


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