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A Sonic Journal Flourishes From Dried Ink With Demi Michelle's "Dear Diary"

Pouring her heart and soul into the artistry she divulges to her listeners, Pop artist Demi Michelle speaks from a place of truth on her new album “Dear Diary.” Known for bringing forth a distinctive listening experience while exuding an alluring persona that we adore, Demi Michelle slips into moments of heartfelt expression and vulnerable tenors as the 11-tracks heard on this project are meant to reflect the personal experiences she’s endured throughout her life this far. Working with engineer extraordinaire Robert McCutcheon in the studio to bring a more hands-on touch of her creativity to the table, Demi Michelle also credits her friend and guitarist, Luke Wood, for bringing the vision of “Dear Diary” to life in a robust fashion.

Fueling our lives with depth, warmth, and a kind heart showcasing her journey to the fan base she cherishes, Demi Michelle embodies courage and fearlessness as she conveys her tales through the creation of the 11-tracks so graciously offered up. Read our full-length interview with Demi Michelle, here.

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