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A Spotlight on the Multitalented Hip Hop and R&B Artist Ayejay Freez

AyeJay Freez is a multitalented hip hop and R&B artist with a new single “Catch 22.” As a recording artist, songwriter, and engineer, AyeJay Freez flexes his abilities with his music production. He has been known to draw from personal experiences as inspiration for his lyrics, making his music easy to relate to. Fans can step into his shoes and feel the emotions he was feeling during his songwriting processes. Although he is the type of artist who loves to produce original sounds, AyeJay Freez respects the power of real instruments. Often incorporating pianos and guitars (both electric and acoustic) into his music, AyeJay Freez filters their sounds to stay true to his artistic originality. With his warm vocals and meaningful lyrics, AyeJay Freez has no problem adhering to the emotional sides of fans. Thanks to the refreshing blend of his songwriting and vocal talents, his effort and soul are evident in every song.

Listen to “Catch 22” here.

Hey AyeJay Freez, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re loving the real and authentic lyrics you provide towards the hardships of love with your single “Catch22”. When did you realize that you had to take these emotions to the next step and create “Catch22’?

Hey! Thanks for having me again! I was really going through it mentally at the time and  I went through a phase where I just said how I felt. Like no matter what the beat was, fast or slow I just had to let the things on my mind out or I could of ended up in a bad spot, ya know?

Speaking on your single “Catch22”, AyeJay Freez highlights such pure lyrics of troubled love that many can relate to. Could you share how AyeJay Freez crafted the lyrics on “Catch22”, and how you wanted your message to be perceived?

The creative process for catch22 was a bit different for me. I feel like I was aiming to reach people on a different level, I really wanted to give the people who’ve been rocking with me a record that they can relate to on a personal level as well as kind of making myself vulnerable for the first time on a track without for real considering how it may look to some. I really just want it to be received as genuine, of course, I want it to be a bop but this was more for the way it makes you feel inside.

Seeing as AyeJay Freez incorporates such a flawless and finely-calibrated approach to music, you clearly have some iconic inspirations that helped you narrow down what you were aiming for. Who are some major musical influences that may have had an impact on your sound and who you are as an artist?

I can’t express enough gratitude for the kind words! Growing up I was into R&b heavyyy but as I got to experience life I fell in love with rap music. So when I hear an instrumental my mind can jump from an Usher vibe to a Tunechi vibe without even second-guessing it haha. I feel like I was exposed to such a vast amount of Music, genres, and artists throughout life that I mesh them together in my own way when I create. 

We’ve heard that AyeJay Freez is coming back from your recent mixtape “#2kthegoat” in 2019. Could you speak on why you wanted to release “Catch22” after the project, rather than any other track you’ve been working on? 

Choosing which single to release first was honestly really tough. I had played the three records I had narrowed down for my team and couldn’t really get enough votes for a single record or to even knock it down to two. It took weeks to be completely committed to a record before we could even begin to schedule a release. Oddly enough one of the people who helped inspire the record started getting pretty adamant about me making catch22 the single we revisited the records and decided it’d be one we released first.

What's next for you?

At the moment I’m in the early production stages for the visual to Catch22. I’ve been in talks with my team about a possible visualizer since Covid-19 has everything at a standstill, hopefully, that can be a play. My next single is titled “Nosebleeds” and that should be dropping next month I believe, I’m mad hype for that one to drop. But in the mean time I’ll be trying to maximize exposure and continue to take advantage of the blessings being placed in front of me. Thanks for having me again, it’s always real!


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