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A Sweet Melody With A Powerful Vocalist; Caroline Gustavsson Releases Her Record “If There’s No You”

Caroline Gustavsson is an artist who was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1982. She discovered her love and passion for music ever since she was a few years old, and since then music has always been her calling. She taught herself how to play the guitar and began to write and perform her own songs, which became a way for her to channel her feelings and express herself in a creative way. Caroline’s interest in music and love for songwriting was cultivated throughout her years, and she studied both in high school & College! Performing both solos and in different bands, Caroline came in contact with a publishing company that discovered her talent in songwriting and she was signed. Writing in different genres and styles for a worldwide music market, she developed her sense for catchy melodies and hooks even more. Her songs have been released all over the world and she has been rewarded both gold and platinum for her works.

Fast-forward to almost a decade later, Caroline returned home to Sweden and created her own publishing company! She quit her day job as a music teacher to pursue her artistically driven career and take her songwriting to the next level.

Have you ever heard a voice that was just so magically compelling? One of those addicting voices that just causes instant attachment between the listener and artist? Well if you haven’t, Caroline Gustavsson gives you this enchanting abundance with her new single ”If There’s No You”. Caroline sings about the winding road to finding that special person to love and share your life with, and the fear of not knowing if that will ever happen. Can we say relatable? You become emotionally tethered with the lyrics, offering new dimensions to your mood, while still being able to enjoy a caressing vibe! Despite the quite deep and heartfelt lyrics, ”If There’s No You” delivers a fresh sound with a feel-good, arena pop vibe to it, with the hope of encouraging anyone who might find themselves in a similar situation. This is a great way for an artist to develop and generate fans, due to appealing to everyday situations! Caroline’s voice is highly marketable, and her sound is just captivating. It’s the texture of her vocals that has this soft-like appeal while still powerfully delivering an energetic vocal belt! Sometimes we find ourselves wondering why an artist wrote their song and the inspiration that drove them there. As Caroline Gustavsson says:

”For me, it’s been a winding road when it comes to love. Sometimes I thought I found IT, but it turned out I didn’t. Other times I’ve thought that maybe I have to accept that it might not actually happen for me, even though I truly hope it will, of course, you just never know what life will bring to the table”

“If There’s No You” is a texturized hit with a dynamically enthralling message! Listen to the song here and get to know more about Caroline Gustavsson in our interview below!

Thank you for sharing your music with us Caroline Gustavsson! It’s super cool knowing you’re all the way from Sweden! How is the music scene over there? Have you noticed any major differences in music styles with different environments?

Thank you!In my opinion, the music scene in Sweden has a lot of influences from the American music scene, even with artists singing in Swedish.

In what ways has your skills in songwriting improved over the years of your career so far!? What makes the perfect hit song for you as far as the lyrical portion of it?

Since I started writing songs for other artists as well, and got to explore different genres and styles from a writers perspective, my ability to write catchy hooks and melodies have improved a lot. A hit song with lyrics in focus for me, is a song where the lyrics reach through the surface and touch you at a deeper level. When you feel a connection through the song. 

“If There’s No You” was an amazing song! What emotion would you best describe as most impactful for you during the creation process of this record and why?

Thank you! I think it was more than just an emotion, it was my whole life situation that boiled down to this song. So many feelings at the same time, I felt sad because my current relationship was coming to an end, and I was  questioning if everyone is meant to find true love, how you know that it’s the one for you, and if I will ever find it.Even though I found myself at quite a frustrating point of life, I also found comfort in the thought that at least I was following my heart, making decisions based on that and not on fear. 

Were there any challenges you’ve faced? How did you overcome these obstacles?

Actually yes, I had a lot of performance anxiety in the beginning. It took me weeks to finish this song, I started on so many different ideas but none felt good enough. I told myself it had to be the best song I’d ever written, which of course put me under a lot more pressure.That way of thinking does not really spark your creativity and inspiration, so I decided to not be so hard on myself. That the song would come to me if I don’t push it. So I put down the guitar and went for a lot of walks, meditated, did some inner work :) And over the weeks I managed to move myself from a state of "needing the perfect result for people to like", into a state of "expressing my truth no matter how it would be received”. And suddenly, there it was, all done! Funny enough it did feel like one of the best songs I’d ever written.

What’s next for you Caroline Gustavsson?

Next up is continuing to write more material and perform live. I’m also thinking about recording acoustic versions of my released singles. I really enjoyed making a lyric video for this song, so I think I will go back to my other two singles and make videos for them as well!


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