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A Unique Voice You Won't Forget: Giselle Releases Her Powerful New Single "I D W D"

Giselle, a Los Angeles singer-songwriter, has had a powerful connection to music since she was born. She's been singing since she was four years old and has been playing piano since she was five, blossoming her love and drive for music.

At 26, Giselle sings, writes, and plays the piano, violin, drums, and guitar. She loves creating music to express herself and connect with her fans and supporters.

With such a unique and unforgettable voice, she brings us toward her latest release titled, "I D W D." Bringing out the best in herself for this record, Giselle works her magic once again to prove why she was made for this.

"I D W D" doesn't conform to the norm as Giselle spreads a flourished mood, and with the assistance of the instrumental, it gives a well-rounded full, feeling record bringing listeners to a happy place, all while teaching them an important lesson from her meaningful lyrics.

She sings how she took her love for granted and wishes she had realized before it was too late. "You gave me so many chances, and I just blew them all," - this record shows emotional feelings and heartache, which go hand in hand. Giselle continues to mention how she doesn't want to dance with anybody if it's not the person she chooses hence the song title "I D W D" (I don't wanna dance). She feels terrible about the number of chances he gave her and how he can see all of her flaws.

As we end, Giselle continues to mention how she doesn't want him to "give up on us." She boasts about his strength in being able to handle the negative emotions that she feels she caused. She tries to move on but doesn't feel emotionally capable of doing so, which is why she's holding on to him, hoping he'll see a brighter day.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Giselle; we are ecstatic to have you join us today. Please tell us your creative process for "I D W D" and how you chose the instrumental you did?

I’m so happy to be here! My process of writing the song “I D W D” was an interesting one. I usually write songs from my perspective/things that happened to me. But this song was all about placing myself in a situation I have not yet experienced in my life! I was listening to a lot of Robyn at the time… specifically “Call Your Girlfriend,” “Dancing On My Own,” and “Hang With Me.” Those songs heavily inspired me when we created the instrumental! Wanted to give it a pop, retro, 2000s disco-type vibe.

What did you want your fans to take away from "I D W D" and why?

I want my fans to take away a big lesson from this. It’s a reminder to treat the people you love with respect, dignity, and kindness. Show the people who love you that you love them. Make decisions that are conscious of not only yourself but others.

This record comes across as emotional, yet splendidly sung. What daily things do you do that contribute to keeping your vocals ready and clear to sing?

Thank you so much! I warm and do vocal exercises almost every day. I also make sure to not talk too much or take vocal day rests when needed which really helps!

Being a female in a male-dominated industry has to be tough. What are some of the beliefs and motivations you stick to that you can share with us?

It can definitely be tough. But women belong here. We belong here. That’s a belief and a fact that I constantly remind myself of! Your dreams in this industry are never too big or out of reach. Keep pushing! Each success matters and even “failures” are just lessons and lead to success.

What's next for you?

Well, the “I D W D” music video will be out later this month and I’m planning on releasing another single in the summer and a bigger project in the fall!


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