A Vibe For Every Occasion, THE REMIXES '4ward Fast To Future,' EP by Jonas and The Scratch Profe

Jonas teams up with The Scratch Professor on a seven-track, out of this world eclectic THE REMIXES EP, "4ward Fast To Future." Multitalented award-winning, Jonas Rendbo has been praised by media all over the world as the Godfather of Scandinavian Soul.

This Danish artist, producer, and songwriter has been garnering attention worldwide with this heavy title, which hints at the importance Jonas Rendbo has had, as a contributor to the genre, over the past few decades. Jonas holds an exclusive sound that he sprinkles his unique flavor on; he has remained consistent with releasing the quality content he put forward with music and touring. With a burning desire to pass the torch onto promising artists to come, Jonas is extremely devoted to the projects he invests himself in.

'4ward Fast To Future' REMIXES is the captivating new release from Jonas and is a collaborative effort with the British producer and songwriter mastermind, The Scratch Professor, who many will recognize from the work he has done with his brother, British Soul music icon Omar Lyefook. Together, Jonas and The Scratch Professor carefully crafted a handful of songs, which became the beloved REMIX EP '4ward Fast To Future.'

The first track that we have is "What's Cooking (Soulrebel Remix)." Soulrebel happens to be the alias of the marvelous Swedish producer and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Fridell. On this organic remix, you can hear him showcasing his talents by playing all of the instruments delivered on this record that create a warm embrace for the heavenly vocals filling the speakers. The production elements are so clean and concrete with each sound you hear, but they manage to make it sound effortless in how it all blends together as a full piece.

Following this, we have "What's Cooking (Dadson Remix)." We are immersed in the fusion of Pop meets Reggae on this light and up-tempo remix. As the name Dadson proposes, this specific remix is the result of a striking collaboration between the father and son duo, Mogens Palsbøll and Marcus. Once again, the instrumentation pairs gracefully with the soothing vocalizations of "What's Cooking." The bubbly and bright auditory voyage on this remix transports you the feeling of the warmth of the sun beating down while your toes are tapping in the sand. You can't help but be captivated by the careful placement of each element while the melodies at hand soothe your soul.

The third remix displayed on '4ward Fast To Future' is "What's Cooking (JVC Remix)." Highly respected DJ John Vincent is a progressive DJ and producer from Copenhagen, Denmark, that tours nationwide with Hip-hop and R&B talent. He blesses this record with a sped-up tempo that helps you lean into the danceable ambiance associated with it. The way that this specific version of the song takes over as a ballad has you swooning over the striking vocalization of the lyrics in a different manner. What isn't to love when you're given enough heartfelt material to last you a lifetime?

"What's Cooking (The Scratch Professor Retwist)" is the fourth and final remix of "What's Cooking" on the EP. This specific version is a trademark remix by the one and only, The Scratch Professor. Heavy bass, Trap drums, and manipulated samples are the main ingredients in this recipe for success. All components of the signature sound that The Scratch Professor hones in on. The approach that is taken on this remix is vastly unlike the others displayed on the EP. The instrumentation is delivered in a way that you don't know which way the song will turn. Gradual elements are constantly introduced or subtracted to leave the anticipation high. The perfect way to end the four "What's Cooking" remixes we have been graciously presented on this project.

Andreas Laustsen is one of the amazingly talented up and coming producers that Jonas has been collaborating with. This take on "Pick Me Up" offers a fresh direction paired with an old school R&B ambiance. Suddenly your mind is transferred to the 90s music video montages that we can see playing on nostalgic MTV. The elements of Funk and Jazz ultimately have this remix bending genres and fusing together components we didn't know we needed. The solo at the end of "Pick Me up (Andreas Laustsen Remix)" is by the one and only Daniel Fridell on the Würlitzer.

The second installment of "Pick Me Up" is "Pick Me Up (Tony Ozier Remix)." We are immediately drenched in the sounds of a live floor Soul performance by Tony Ozier. Such a soft and delicate compliment to the vocals that Jonas Rendbo submerges us in expressing a wide vocal range and his ability to have us melting through the headphones. Tony Ozier and Jonas were introduced in a video-chat with UK DJ Taxman. The two soulful artists clicked instantly with various projects in the works. This remix is their debut project together. Tony Ozier takes the lead by playing the majority of the instruments heard with a little help from his uncle on the bass and drummer extraordinaire Tyrone Henrix.

The final song on the '4ward Fast To Future' EP is, "Let's Fight (Soulrebel Remix)." We are hit with another Soulrebel remix, and this time we get elements of gritty soul-funk courtesy of the Swedish Doctor himself. Back with yet another organic performance, all the instrumentation gracing us is by Soulrebel. Jonas manages to showcase his artistic versatility, proving that he sounds good in any genre thrown in the mix. His delivery is equally profound and sensational as the soothing likes of his vocalization fill up your mind. To top it off, the eclectic synth solo at the end is one to have you talking for quite some time after the project is over.

There is no doubt that Jonas and The Scratch Professor are a force to be reckoned with. With an EP that delivers a little something for a vastly broad audience, there are clear signs that the success they will be seeing is excellent. We can't wait to hear what they have in store for us in the future.

Congratulations on the release of, '4ward Fast To Future.' With a project that carries a delectable medley of sounds, we would love to know what this EP means to both of you as a collective and individually.

Thank you for reaching out. We truly appreciate your support, and for giving us a chance to talk about our music on your platform! Scratch and I have a special relationship. It’s somewhat like a telepathic spiritual thing. We finish each other's sentences - verbally and musically, I think. I live in Copenhagen, and he lives in London, so we don't get to do meet up and work on music much these days. The songs on the “4ward Fast To Future” EP were all old songs, we had in the drawer, that we never got to finish. So when we all got isolated at home, because of the corona, I decided to finish up these 4 songs and make a release out of it. I did the production on all of them, but they are all based on the versions Scratch produced when we wrote them initially. During the creation of the EP, we were in close contact, and I would constantly send stuff to Scratch, to get his input. We’re both very happy with the result, and that the songs finally get to be released and have a life. Now we want to do more!

Were there any studio sessions that stood out to you in the creation of this project? What were the vibes like?

When we wrote the songs, we were meeting up at Scratch’s studio in London, and would usually finish writing and recording a song a day. We are very good at vibing off each other, so creating is always easy and a lot of fun. With producing this EP, I had set up a studio at home in my living room, recording when the kids had been put to sleep. I had a lot of time, and it was a nice relaxed way to work. Then I would the horn parts sent from my friend Thomas Edinger, and additional keyboards and stuff from my friend in Sweden Daniel Fridell. Adapting to the corona situation, when we were not able to meet up in real life. But it worked really well.

Recently you released the REMIX EP '4ward Fast To Future (Remixes)', with 7 new versions of the songs. Out of the tracks on the REMIX EP, do you have a favorite? If so, what is your reasoning?

It’s hard to name a favorite, cause they are all so different. But the remixes were all done by close friends, that I have been working with on other projects, and one of them Scratch did. Also, one was done by my new friend Tony Ozier, who did an amazing version of the song “Pick Me Up”. He got Tyrone Hendrix to play drums on it, plus his uncle on bass, and nephew on percussion. So cool! I’m hoping that Tony and I will also collab on other things in the future.

What goes into your creative process? Did you use a different approach for any song in particular?

My greatest motivation and joy in creating music is always to collab with interesting people. In the process, I try to always challenge my approach, and learn something new. The creative process can be approached in so many different ways, and it’s always an opportunity to learn if you’re open. I’m extremely blessed with so many talented people in my circle, that I’m able to work with. And I try not to limit myself to a certain style or genre, but to draw from everything I like and know, and always new landscapes. I also like to travel and meet new people, but unfortunately, that’s not possible at the moment. 

What would you like listeners to take away from, '4ward Fast To Future?'

Hopefully a warm feeling and a good vibe. I guess you can hear a lot of old neo-soul in the music, which is what I come from. Hopefully, some listeners will be able to relate to the lyrics. I always think that once I have released my music, it doesn’t belong to me anymore, but to the rest of the world. If anyone can use it, then it has served its purpose. Besides the joy it gives me and friends creating it.

How did you decide which remixers/producers to work with on the remix project?

Well, as I said, they’re all close friends. And they are all producers that I respect, who have an understanding of the music I do, and who I thought would be able to give the songs a new interesting twist. They were all completely free to do whatever they wanted with the remixes, and I think that shows in the way they are so different.

Who are your major musical influences?

I have always listened to so much different music, which has all inspired me. From hip hop to soul to r&b to reggae to punk to heavy metal to jazz… and everything in between. Some of the great artists that have inspired me are Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Prince, Bob Marley, D'Angelo, Kanye West, Nina Simone, Miles Davis, Lenny Kravitz, Dr. Dre, Omar, Sade, and the list goes on.

What are your listening to now?

Artists like Gabriel Garzón-Montano, Kendrick Lamar, Lucky Daye, PJ Morton, Anderson.Paak, Tom Misch, Deante’ Hitchcock, Saint JHN, Jacob Collier, and others.

How did you and the Scratch Professor meet and decide to work on a project together? 

We met through Scratch’s brother Omar Lyefook (the Godfather of UK soul), who I have shared management with at some point, and also been working and touring with. My wife is from London, so we were living there for about 3 years, when we got married. And Scratch and I just had an instant connection when we met and started creating music together. 3 of the songs we wrote together in the beginning, ended up on my album “W.A.I.T.T.”, and now some of our other songs on this EP. We are now working on new songs, but I can't tell you when they will come out. 

What is next for Jonas?

I’m constantly working on so many different projects, that it’s even hard for me to keep track of. Sometimes it’s my own solo stuff or projects that I’m featuring on as an artist. But I’m also writing and producing more and more for other artists. I have my own label called Jonas Music, where I have started releasing some of the artists I’m working with. The next release on my label will be my old band from when I was a teenager, called Först Til Sidst, which is hard rock in danish. Then there’s a new EP with the project Cumbiasound by multi-instrumentalist and super-producer Daniel Fridell. And then a debut EP by Denmark’s best soul singer Jonas Winge Leisner. And then the 2nd EP of my worldwide tribe project called People On The Hill, which consist of musicians, artists, and producer from all over the world. And finally, I’m working on my own release, which will be an EP named 'All Systems Go' coming out early next year, if all goes well… You can follow all of it on my website www.jonasmusic.dk